Seacrest Maritime

Jun 29, 2015 | | Say something
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About Seacrest Maritime

SEACREST MARITIME MANAGEMENT,INC. was granted full POEA License renewal accreditation last February 15, 2006 in compliance to the Licensing requirements for manning companies . The company’s new management team is out to invigorate the company with dynamic programs that will ensure delivery of quality services to the different ship owners and ship managers .

The Company’s primary thrust is to provide its Principals  a full range  of crew management services in terms of a holistic approach from supply to development of Human Resources. As such  the Company shall provide the Principal  with sensible programs for ratings and junior officers up to senior officers level in the area of training & development. This shall also include customized crew and family welfare programs that will take care of the well beings of the family while the crew is on board. Then as part of the re-integration process for the crew  is exploring the possibilities of the officers career on shore to respective Principals offices that may have such programs .

To achieve such thrust, the Company has developed an approach for a Maritime Resource Development Platform model to address the complete process of HR development within its pool.

Currently, the manned fleet consist of dry cargo vessels, oil/chemical tankers, multi-purpose & heavy lift carriers, offshore vessels and livestock carriers . Full Filipino crew complement is provided to most of the ships manned under our Company.

The Company’s Quality Management System has recently been certified last December 2006 under the ISO 9001:2000 standards by Det Norske Veritas (DNV). This is the Company’s commitment to ensure that continuous improvement to services and crew competence is delivered to the Principals.

Seacrest Maritime Management,Inc. strength is anchored in its relentless pursuit to deliver services that are not only efficient but more so at cost effective levels to all its stakeholders – the Principals, seafarers , their families and the employees .

The Company’s corporate headquarter is conveniently located at the Central Business District of Makati City providing the Principals , seafarers and their families an easier access and convenience to visit the office for any business transactions or concerns.

Seacrest Maritime Management,Inc. is a duly licensed Crewing Company by POEA ( License No. 228-SB-052004-R )


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