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AddressP.O. Box. 13, 4297 Skudeneshavn, Norway
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About Solstad Offshore

Since the beginning in 1964, Solstad Offshore has grown to become a global company.

We operate advanced vessels all over the world, often under extreme weather conditions. No matter what we do we aim to be hands-on, and to preform in a way that exceeds our customers expectations. We are flexible and we are reliable, and we care about our employees and the environment. We never compromise the safety of our employees.
We have already achieved a lot, but we are still developing and still learning how to improve. By staying true to our core values, we are going to make sure that we are just as successful for the next 50 years as we have been until now.
The Solstad Offshore (SOFF) fleet consists of about 50 fully owned/jointly owned vessels, including 1 newbuild (to be delivered 2016).
The activities of Solstad Offshore are aimed towards the offshore petroleum industry, subdivided into 3 segments of the market:

  • Platform supply-vessels (PSV)
  • Anchor-handling-vessels (AHTS)
  • Construction service-vessels (CSV)

Core values

Since 2013, Solstad Offshore has defined its core values to consist of the 7 following values:


Solstad-vessels carry out operations all over the world, sometimes in extreme weather conditions.
We recognize our employees as our most valuable asset, and we will not compromise their safety. On a Solstad-vessel anyone who feels unsafe or sees potential danger has the power to stop any operation.
When our clients hire a vessel from Solstad Offshore, they know that we always have time for safety, and we always put it first.


We focus on delivering a quality service in everything we do. Every day we stretch ourselves to improve and achieve new goals. We work together, and with our clients, to ensure effective and safe operations.
We have a strong focus on the daily operations, and with our highly advanced vessels we take pride in doing a good job for our clients and for our company.

Flexible & Reliable

A long-standing value of Solstad, this signifies that we are adaptive and determined to find solutions – not problems. We can be trusted to treat everyone fairly and with respect, and we keep our promises.
Technological progress has made shipping an ever-changing venture, but with our determination and flexibility we always seek to find solutions to new challenges. Our clients trust us to deliver, a trust we have built on many years of delivering first class service.

Hands On

In Solstad we have an operational focus and are on top of our daily challenges. We use our operational experience in our development, and with a short distance between deck and boardroom we are innovative and open to new ideas and solutions. Through our SolLead program we educate present and future leaders to carry on the Solstad management philosophy.


Our most important task is to ensure that we have people with the right competency and attitude on our vessels and in our offices at all times. Wi aim not only to fulfill our client’s wishes, but to deliver beyond their expectations. Our company is an industry leader in the number of apprentices and cadets we train world-wide. Everyone in Solstad are key personnel. When the various types of competences onshore and offshore work closely together there are no tasks or challenges that we cannot solve.

We Care

In Solstad we care about each other and we care about the environment. We are aware of our environmental footprint, and have taken measurable steps towards greater fuel efficiency with the Solstad Green Operations program. We contribute to the Rainforest Foundation Norway to help protect the rainforests. In the countries we operate in, we try to give something back by sponsoring social projects and invest in training and development of local employees.

Customer Focused

Solstad is a service provider and we offer our service to clients within the oil & gas and renewables industries. We are a global company, but with a local presence in many of the areas we operate in to ensure close contact with our clients and associates world-wide. We focus on building relationships with our clients, finding solutions together with them and making sure that we always are our client’s first choice.

Careers & Jobs

Chief engineer / Chief officer / Deck officer / Offshore...

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