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AddressSector-23, behind Platform No 6, Juinagar Railway Station (east), Navi Mumbai-400 705/India
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M-Navy Consultant, marine placement consultancy and Documentation, is a 3 year old company which aims at providing all sets of career oriented services to the aspiring students and jobseekers in the marine industry. We are providing professional counselling for various Deck Cadet and Marine Engineering programmes for the maritime sector in India and abroad.
M-Navy Consultant is registered and Licensed by the Government of India for conducting international recruitment services.
At M-Navy Consultant we want to understand your goals, your needs and how the inevitable changes of this business are affecting your world. With such an understanding we then match the right talent to deliver successful results.
Aside from being high performance… we’re also the nicest people you’ll ever meet.
Our mission is to build a bridge between employee and employer. We achieved this status by the dedicated accomplishment of a highly motivated, professional and experience team who are highly dedicated. Our past long professional experience helped us boost our confident to face any kind of challenges of this industry, we are fully aware the relationship build on trust will last long and good yield.

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