Stella Marine Services

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AddressAm Sandtorkai 71 D-20457 Hamburg
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About Stella Marine Services

In August 2008 Stella Marine Services GmbH & Co. KG moved into new offices at Am Sandtorkai in the Hamburg HafenCity, where it began building up its own nautical-technical management. In November 2009 Asterion Tanker Navigation GmbH & Co. KG was founded, specialising in the technical management of tankers. In September 2013 Stella Navigation GmbH & Co. KG was founded, focussing on the management of dry cargo ships (bulk carriers, containers etc.) In 2014 most of the Stella/Asterion fleet was sold to American investors. Today Asterion Tanker Navigation GmbH & Co. KG has still seven product tankers under full management. The Stella Group of Companies has been ISM-certified (International Safety Management) since November 2008. Their core competencies today encompass these fields of business:

• Consulting
• Technical Ship Management
• Crew Management
• Commercial Management of ships
• Marine Risk Management

• Market Research and Business Development
• Project Analysis and Feasibility Studies
• Set-up and Managing of Shipping Investments
• Interim Management for shipping companies
• Finance of ships, Operational and Financial Restructuring
• Acquisition and Transactions, Sale and Purchase of ships including Newbuilding Contracting

Our Consulting team develops and implements suitable solutions for the maritime industry. The current problems in an already constrained industry environment lead to acute financial and logistical problems.
The Stella Group of Companies not only provides competent financial analysis, but based on it’s extensive experience in the industry, evaluates the organizational and technical situation of its clients. In a further step, realizable tailor-made solutions are presented. If requested, our interdisciplinary team of experts supports the client with the implementation of these solutions, including the necessary discussion and agreements with the involved counterparties.

Technical Ship Management
• Newbuilding Supervision
• Nautical-technical Management

Crew Management
• Full Crewing
• Crewing Agency
• Repair Teams

Stella Navigation and Asterion Tanker Navigation have many years of experience in Ship Management for dry cargo ships and tankers. Crew Management is performed by our affiliate AMAS Maritime Service who is mainly working with Chinese Crew.

Commercial Management of ships
• Chartering and Operations
• Cargo Handling

Careers & Jobs

3rd engineer / Engineering...
Electrician / Engineering...
Bulk carrier / Motorman...
Chief engineer / Research vessel...
2nd engineer / Bulk carrier...