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AddressMasthuggskajen, SE-405 19 Gothenburg, SWEDEN
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About Stena Bulk

We are part of the Stena Sphere, which has nearly 20 000 employees in Sweden and abroad. This enables close cooperation with skilled and resourced partners within the Stena organisation. We have access to cutting-edge competence in all areas of shipping, from shipbuilding and manning to technical operation and financing.

The Stena Sphere is active in the fields of Ferry Traffic, Shipping, Offshore Drilling, Metal Trading and Recycling, Real Estate and Finance. The business idea is to use our competence in, above all, service, trading and vessels to make money in the business areas shipping, offshore, real estate and finance. To take care of our important asset in the long term, our clients, in such a way that we contribute to their development as well as that of society.

Stena Bulk is one of the world’s leading tanker shipping companies. We provide safe and cost-efficient transports of crude oil and refined petroleum at sea. That means we do everything from developing and building tankers, to manning and chartering them out.

Who we are
Our customers are major oil and chemical companies. They all have high demands on maximum safety, flexibility and transport economy. Our focus is to provide them with innovative solutions to satisfy their transport and logistical needs. Today our fleet consists of about 100 vessels. We have offices in six countries and are part of the Stena Sphere, which has nearly 20 000 employees in Sweden and abroad.

What we do
We provide transports of crude oil and refined petroleum at sea. Our mission is to offer solutions of our customers’ total need for transportation and logistics.

Why choose us
Our business concept is based on equal parts of innovation and performance. Innovation comes from analysing the customer’s business situation and finding new ways to increase competitiveness through new and unconventional views on vessel design. Performance comes from delivering a highly developed logistics network. All this is brought about through a deep understanding of every customer’s business activities combined with cutting-edge competence in design and development of vessels.

How we think
Oil should always travel first class. The phrase has become a hallmark for us. Safety is prioritised, but it has to be combined with transport economy. The one does not exclude the other.

Who works for us
Altogether we are 395 dedicated employees – on board the vessels or at one of our six offices. We put much effort into creating a stimulation work place.

Our customers
We work with some of the world’s largest oil and chemical companies, as well as independent trading houses. Customer relations are characterised by partnership, cooperation and a long-term perspective.

Careers & Jobs

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