Swedish Orient Line (SOL)

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AddressKlippan 1A
 SE-414 51 Gothenburg Sweden
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About Swedish Orient Line (SOL)

We always strive to find the most efficient solutions possible to the logistical problems we face. Solutions that our customers benefit from and everyone profits from. This is how we build close, long-term relations. As entrepreneurs we are always actively pursuing new opportunities. Both on existing markets and by identifying collaboration benefits between the company’s various business areas.

Cargo is king
For our customers’ cargo and its safety, effective transportation is all-important. We create solutions for them that add value and make a difference, regardless of the type of freight we are asked to handle.

SOL is a privately owned company through Imperial Shipping.

The administration of SOL and our subsidiaries is carried out under one roof in Klippan, Gothenburg. We have built up an open, honest working climate with short decision paths – which is important to us. The building is home to a considerable core of knowledge and experience. In order to harness these assets, the door is always open to any employee who wants to bring up new ideas with the management.

Management Services
Management services is a relatively new business area in the SOL Group. The main focus is currently the forestry industry, were we act as an outsourcing partner to one of the world’s leading forestry product companies. With the SOL Group’s vast know-how and experience, we are always willing to handle new shipping and logistics assignments.

Liner Services
Liner services run regularly between Scandinavia, the Continent and the Baltic, as well as North Africa and the East Mediterranean. We can provide a flexible supply of tonnage, adjusted for all types of cargo, on a regular basis using our conventional vessels. Our competitive offer has been based on experienced, dedicated crew and the highest ice class for the 100 years we have been operating. Our local knowledge and networks are extensive and have been carefully built up over the years.

Project & Contract Cargo
We handle transport of project cargo and military transport as well as charters, and also manage the line operation of RoRo and LoLo ships. We are also a tonnage supplier to major shipping lines. Our advanced technical solutions and skilled, dedicated personnel have earned us a leading position on the market.

SOL Agencies has a long tradition and specialises in regular services to and from the Mediterranean and Africa. We have progressively increased our offering and today it also encompasses the Red Sea, the Persian Gulf and the Far East.

Ship Management
We operate ships within the SOL Group and with external ship owners, and we handle technical operation, safety management, procurement and planning of ship maintenance. Our guiding principles are quality, safety and flexibility.

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