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Address Russia, Saint-Petersburg, Dvinskaya 12
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About TechnoTeamMarine

Technical ship management and crewing

“TechnoTeamMarine” is the highly professional company which specializes in ship technical management.

TechnoTeamMarine” was established at Saint-Petersburg in 2011 by recruiting the technical experts and personnel from “MurmanTransFleet” – one of the largest freezer fleet Shipowners.

  • «La Manche» – transport freezer owned by Norwegian principal (deadweight 13.223 t, capacity 558.000 cubic feet),
  • «Conro Trader» – ferry (deadweight 3.998 t, LOA 101,4 m).
  • «Petersburg» – ferry (deadweight 25.353 t, LOA 190,80 m).
  • «Baltiysk» – ferry (deadweight 20.126 t, LOA 187,36 m).
  • «ТFM-1» – ferry (deadweight 5.775 t, LOA 150,32 m).
  • «BFI-1» – ferry (deadweight 5.786 t, LOA 142,26 m).
  • «Varyag» – ferry (deadweight 4.961 t, LOA 114,80 m).

Company’s policy is to keep trouble-free and safe operations of vessels at the level of International standards stipulated by ISM Code, ISPS and International conventions.
At rendering the services in ship technical management, “TechnoTeamMarine” is focused on optimization of the Shipowners’ expenses related to maintenance and operations of vessels provided that all the requirements for the vessels produced by the International conventions and regulations of the Classification Societies are met and trouble-free vessels’ functioning is ensured.
As the Technical Manager, “TechnoTeamMarine” supplies the following scope of services:

  • Technical support and maintenance of vessels;
  • Ensuring of safe operations of vessels;
  • Crew Management;
  • Supplying with spare parts, provisions and ship/technical stores;
  • Accounting.


One of the fundamental areas where the Shipowners are provided with the optimum operations of vessels in the technical and economical aspects is the technical support and maintenance of vessels
performed by “TechnoTeamMarine” company.

Within the framework of technical support and maintenance of vessels, “TechnoTeamMarine” carry out continuous monitoring of the technical condition of vessels, proper work of all units and

mechanisms and their timely servicing;
routinely inspect vessels in ports worldwide;
instruct deck and engine officers prior to voyage commencement, supervise their performance
during the voyage, provide the crews with online-consultations on technical issues;
arrange prompt supplying the vessels with spare parts and ship stores;
arrange pre-voyage repairs of all the ship mechanisms, organize and supervise class
and intermediate dock repairs of vessels, prepare and present vessels to any
Classification Society for purposes of annual survey and other inspections.

As the Technical Manager, “TechnoTeamMarine” company actively cooperates with Classification
Societies – IACS members:

RMRS / Russian Maritime Register of Shipping;
BV / Bureau Veritas;
GL / Germanischer Lloyd;

The Technical Management of vessels provided by “TechnoTeamMarine” company allows to optimize the Shipowners expenses because of:
• Tender basis of supplying the vessels with spare parts and ship stores as well as of choosing shore workshops to do repairs;
• Continuous consultations with Classification societies as regards requirements to be met and volumes of works needed to be arranged;
• Forming and hiring of the seamen gangs to do repair works while staying at the port or at the dry dock;
• Following up and decreasing of dock repairs time owing to steady relations with the shipyards;
• Implementation of procedure of vessels continuous survey by the senior mechanical engineers the authorized representatives certified by the Classification Societies.
Prevention of the emergency situations at sea is ensured by the accurate work of the safety management system, periodic and well-timed preparation and presentation of vessels to Classification Societies, Flag
State Administrations within any scope required including ISM Code and ISPS.