Tenet Marine Company

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AddressOffice 2, 28/9, Bolshevitskaya Str,  Simferopol, 295001 Crimea, Russia
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About Tenet Marine Company

Tenet Marine Company was established as a crewing company with a wide network of branch offices in Ukraine. This is because the Ukraine territory borders the Black Sea and tthe Sea of Azov, to the south and southeast of the country, with 3 passable rivers flowing through ukrainian territory: the Danub, the Dnepr, the Don. Additionally in Ukraine there are many educational institutions that graduate specialists for serving on different types of vessels. All these factors faciliate developing marine and river fleet.

The head office is located in Odessa and covers ports of Odessa, Yuzhny, Illichevsk and the other nearby ports of Nikolayev and Kherson. The office in Yalta operates the Crimean ports of Sevastopol, Yalta, Feodosiya and Kerch. The office in Mariupol operates the ports of the Azov Sea: Mariupol and Berdyansk close to the port of Rostov-on-Don.

Our company has overseas office in Russia.

Each of our offices is staffed with professional and competent workers, who make up for Tenet Marine Company’s team. The quality of our work was confirmed by Certificate ISO 9002/1994, issued by the “Veritas” Register in 2000. And Certificats ISO-9001/2008, MLC 2006, issued by the “Russian Maritime Register of Shipping” in 2013.

Over the years, our company has established close and open contacts with clients from different countries and collected a huge database of good educated and experienced seamen from Ukraine, Russia, Georgia and the Baltic States, whom we are happy to provide our clients with.

The human factor is most important for the safe and successful management of vessels, and for this reason, the Tenet Marine Company performs, amongst others, the following services:

providing different types of vessels with either one crew member or a full crew
providing vessels with repair team
assisting repair of vessels at the ship repair yards of Ukraine
assisting sales / purchases of vessels.

Careers & Jobs

Bulk carrier / Catering staff...
3rd officer / Bulk carrier...
Bulk carrier / Chief engineer...
Container vessel / Fitter...
Bulk carrier / Deck officer / Master...

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