The 8Plus Group

Sep 7, 2015 | | Say something
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About The 8Plus Group

The 8Plus Group is a crew management company focused on the basic principles of professionalism, accuracy, and quality. Our company has a wide range of experiences in the global shipping industry thanks to the diversity of our services. The 8Plus Group’s premier service focuses on recruitment services of all types of vessels. As maritime industry professionals we understand that the provision of these vessels, and their owners interests, requires a highly efficient use of the crew. When you work with us you can be sure that our staff consists of highly qualified professionals with a high level of education and experience in the marine industry. We work in accordance with the most stringent standards, rules and procedures, in order to always provide our clients with quality services. Our management expertise covers every aspect of crewing for ships and offshore platforms on a world-wide basis. The 8Plus Group can also make all administrative and practical measures to get the team to where they are needed, when they are needed – even on short notice. We also provide ongoing support to continuously meet all of your requirements. You will definitely benefit from our sense of responsibility to work non-stop, ready to withstand any pressure or problems, to make the right decisions for you.

Careers & Jobs

2nd engineer / 3rd engineer / Bulk carrier / Chemical tanker / Chief engineer / Electrician / Genera...
Able seaman / Chemical tanker / Oil tanker / Ordinary seaman / Pumpman / Tanker...
2nd engineer / 2nd officer / 3rd engineer / 3rd officer / Able seaman / AHTS / ASD tug / Bulk carrie...

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