The Dredging Corporation of India Limited

Nov 27, 2015 | | Say something
AddressPort Area, Visakhapatnam - 530001, India
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About The Dredging Corporation of India Limited

The Dredging Corporation of India Limited (D C I) was established in the year 1976 to provide dredging services to the Major Ports of the country in India. D C I is a pioneer organization in the field of dredging and maritime development. D C I is fully equipped to offer the complete range of dredging and allied services to the users in India and Abroad and to provide the vital inputs for the national development. It’s Head Office is strategically situated on the east coast of India at Visakhapatnam, DCI helps to ensure continuous availability of the desired depths in the shipping channels of the major and minor Ports, Indian Navy, Fishing Harbors and other maritime organizations. It further serves the Nation in a variety of ways, be it capital dredging for creation of new harbors, deepening of existing harbors or maintenance dredging for the upkeep of the required depths at various Ports along the 7,500 Kms coastline of India.

D C I owns most modern and sophisticated fleet consisting of three Cutter Suction Dredgers and Twelve Trailer Suction Dredgers.

D C I is an M.O.U. signing Company with Government of India.

D C I is a schedule B & a MINI RATNA- CATEGORY-I Public Sector Enterprise.

D C I is one among the Public Sector Undertakings of India in which the Government has disinvested it’s share holding. The shares of the Company are listed at Delhi, Mumbai, Calcutta & National Stock Exchanges of India.


To provide integrated dredging and related marine services for promoting the national and international maritime trade, beach nourishment, reclamation, inland dredging, environmental protection and to become a global player in the field of dredging.


To emerge as a team of inspired performers providing dredging services with the focus on:

1. To become a Nava Ratna company by 2020 by progressively increasing the share of DCI in the Indian maintenance dredging market to 80% and increasing the share in Indian capital dredging market.

2. Establishing a global presence in providing integrated dredging services.

3. Adopting and complying with best standards of corporate governance.


1. Maintaining its ‘numero uno’ position in Indian dredging sector.

2. To make forays into global market through formation of Joint Ventures with reputed international companies and/or chartering of vessels.

3. To improve the Human Resource capital of the company by sustained programme of training and recruitment.

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