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AddressA-2501, TYG Centre, No. C-2 Dongsanhuan North Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, PR China, 100027
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About Trainor Consultant Services

Trainor Consultant Services focuses on meeting the short- and medium-term requirements of companies for hard-working, qualified, and experienced consultants. Whether for operations or for a project, our focus is on providing quality support to both our Clients and our Trainor Team members. Our offices are located in close proximity to our Clients to ensure efficient communication and timely response. Our offices are limited in size to ensure personal and frequent interaction with our Consultants. We believe that if we take good care of our Consultants, they will provide more efficient service to our Clients, and our Clients will get the best value in the market!

Trainor has had a long tradition and association with safety. Trainor has been providing safety and technical training for over 9 years. Trainor staff provides safety training and safety training programs for many of our clients. Trainor has a large resource of safety related personnel, including many of the recognized leaders in safety in Asia, both expatriate and local.

Trainor won significant recognition within BP worldwide for its performance in safety. Trainor provided the entire Construction Site Safety Supervision Team and Scaffolding Team for the BP Zhuhai PTA Chemical Plant Project. This was eventually fully outsourced by BP to Trainor. The Trainor role was initially only to provide a few safety supervisors. However, as the project progressed BP recognized the need to expand the HSE support structure. Trainor was able to help plan and execute an expanded HSE program, providing both the training and personnel to do so. The results speak for themselves; the audited safety record for the project was award winning within corporate BP with verified results of only 3 minor LTI’ for 11.5 million man-hours worked. This was leading performance within BP worldwide and was accomplished in an inexperienced geographical region.

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