UAB Mabrocona

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AddressGaline g. 16, LT-91247 Klaipeda, Lithuania
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About UAB Mabrocona


Marine brokers, surveyors and consultants and we can arrange or provide directly:

  • Consultancies for ship building and ship repair;
  • Consultancies on metal and graphite testing, plant equipment periodical testing;
  • Certified contractor services;
  • Rental of Floating Equipment;
  • Marine insurance brokerage;
  • Crewing;
  • Condition surveys;
  • All kind of marine surveys and consultations;
  • Claim handlers on behalf of P&I Clubs, H+M Underwriters, other Insurers, Shipowners, Charterers.

We have a long experience in the shipping and ship-building industry. We have been acting as technical managers, ship-owners, ship builders, ship repairers; we have established good contacts with a variety of former East bloc shipyards throughout Russia, Ukraine as well as the Baltic region. We have good contacts with various classification societies. We have very skilled crew in our database. We are owners and managers of various floating equipment mainly to support the dredging and port development industry.

Amongst our staff we have the following job titles filled in a Director, a technical supervisor, who is receding here in the Baltic Regions and is English and Russian spoken, he has fulfilled a training program in the Netherlands. Further office assistance, a crewing manager, an insurance broker and a bookkeeper.

We have employed a competent surveyor-consultant and are commenced to provide services in all kind of marine surveys, consulting, marine claims handling.

Depending on the workload we also use part time supervisors and other local labor.

The director is mainly in charge with respect to concluding the technical and financial commitments between the shipbuilding or ship repair yards and the clients as well as for the management and activities related to the floating equipment; he is in charge of the contract negotiations and related matters. All other staff fulfills their obligations in line with their job title and description.

We have our main office in Klaipeda but also keeping temporary offices with all necessary communication and computer equipment on locations where appropriate.