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AddressLunina Avenue, 89, Mariupol, 87510, Ukraine
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About UkrAzov

For a long period of time entrepreneurial activity has been a characteristic feature of the Azov Region, where the town of Mariupol is situated. The town was founded in 1778 on the base of the Decree issued by Empress Catherine II and was first called Pavlovsk. Two years later a significant number of inhabitants of the Crimea peninsular, mainly Greeks who were good seafarers and traders moved to this region. In the 40s of the 19th century a considerable number of Russians and Ukrainians who were attracted by the favorable geographical position of the town, fertility of its soils near the Azov Sea, proximity of natural resources and the major industrial and commercial centres, resettled here. At the end of the nineteenth century, Mariupol became the largest industrial centre of the south of Russia and an important transport junction.

Proximity to the sea has been always played an important part in the city life. A great number of the prominent people contributed to the development of the marine infrastructure of Mariupol and created the rich base of knowledge and skills necessary for future marine business development in the region. Within all this time other spheres of the city activity have been also developing. Metallurgy and machine building took the leading places as to the volume of the produced goods, and this fact positively affected the intensity of the freight flows of the whole region.

Reforms having taken place during the last years within the whole country could not but affect the marine business. Unfortunately, not all the companies represented the marine business of the Region earlier could adapt to the new conditions of business and continue effective activity.

Commercial Fleet of Donbass, Limited Liability Company acquired from the founders the largest marine fleet of Ukraine and accumulated the best traditions, knowledge and experience of different enterprises of the region that used to perform their activity in marine business in the past.

Nowadays Commercial Fleet of Donbass is the owner of 2 dry cargo ships and the company performs shipments in/from ports of the Balck-Azov Sea, the Mediterranean and the Baltic Sea basins as well as of West Africa, Canada, USA, the Caribbean Sea basin, South Africa, India and others.

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