Unterweser Reederei GmbH (URAG)

Dec 9, 2015 | | Say something
AddressBarkhausenstr. 6 27568 Bremerhaven Germany
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About Unterweser Reederei GmbH (URAG)

URAG is your reliable towage partner since 1890. Highly qualified crews operating predominantly on Voith Water Tractors serving clients in ports, terminals and the north sea offshore area.

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Members of the Supervisory Board
A brief history of our company and fleet

With our wide range of services we are supporting wind offshore farms during construction and operating stage. Our service portfolio includes:

Towing assistance of offshore construction and crane vessels in port and offshore
Barge transportation of windmill components
Guard vessels / Emergency Towage
Crew transfer
Support of cable laying units, dredgers and other special vessels
Provision of tow masters und runner crews

To deliver comprehensive solutions, we can include services from affiliated companies, for example helicopter services.

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