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About URS

URS is the leading Towage and Salvage Company for all Dutch and Belgian ports on the river Scheldt with a towing history going back to 1870. Today every vessel anywhere on the seven seas can rely on us for assistance and services.

URS operates one of the most efficient modern fleets with full multi-task capabilities, incorporating the highest quality equipment that is so essential for safety, reliability and quality service.

Our strengths are based on our nautical, salvage and technical/maintenance departments, including our own marine workshop. Our experienced, extensively trained and service-minded staff provides the knowledge and craftsmanship that modern shipping requires.

In the past, in our traditional towage and salvage activities, URS had a reputation, second to none, for guaranteed service and availability. Today we are renowned for our specialist activities in coastal and river escort services, in offshore operations and in the safety and technical aspects of special shipping and salvage demands. Tomorrow we plan to use our know-how to extend our relations with you.

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