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AddressOdessa 65114, 37/2 Marshall Jukov str
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About V.Ships

Over twenty years of his work in Ukraine DP “V.Ships Ukraine” has become one of the most respected companies in the country, specializing in ship management, training and recruitment of seafarers to the world’s leading shipping companies, as well as “Trener No.1» for sea cadets educational institutions of Ukraine.
“V.Ships Ukraine” – one of the biggest crewing agencies in our country. Every year more than 7,000 Ukrainian seamen employed on ships under foreign flags, which are in a Management Company. In addition, “V.Ships Ukraine” has a “quota” of 200 places for Ukrainian cadets on ships under its control.

Because of this, more than 500 cadets Ukrainian maritime training institutions annually provided with swimming practice on foreign-flag ships that guarantees them further employment after graduation. A clear proof of the effectiveness of the DP “V.Ships Ukraine” is the fact that many of the sailors, who began to work with «V.Ships» while still cadets, today – the captains and chief engineers.
Thus all employment services and training of seafarers “V.Ships Ukraine” are free, which is especially important today for introducing the concept – the civilized crewing, operating at international standards!
“V.Ships Ukraine” cooperates with leading educational institutions: Odessa National Maritime Academy (ONMA), nautical School. AI Marinesco and Naval College Technical Fleet, as well as with the Odessa Maritime University and Kherson Maritime Institute.
In addition, the company is implementing a large-scale sponsorship program with maritime training zavedenichm Ukraine – equipping them with a computer and training equipment, without which it is practically impossible to prepare future officers in accordance with the high standards required by international maritime conventions today.
The company operates in strict accordance with The Quality Management System – Management System for the administration and management of the organization with regard to quality in the maritime industry, as well as in accordance with the International Convention of 2006 on maritime labor (MLC2006), applicable in the employment and recruitment of seafarers (SRPS).

Careers & Jobs

Deck officer / Offshore / PSV...
Deck officer / Offshore...
Chief officer...
Offshore / Ordinary seaman...
Chemical tanker / Deck officer...

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  1. Atention:
    Ukraniane scum only give jobs to ukranianes.
    Dont contact these xenophobic companies we dont need this kind of people.
    GO home.

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