Vaage Ship Management

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AddressKanalveien 11 5068 Bergen – Norway
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About Vaage Ship Management

Vaage Ship Management (VSM) was founded 10th May 2006. Head office is located in Bergen, Norway. Our aim is to satisfy our customers through professional and reliable ship management services.

The foundation of our policy “WE CAN DO IT” is based on qualified employees and professional attitude towards the responsibility and trust given to us by the ship owners.

Our flexible services include technical management, inspections, purchase, accounting, insurance, crewing and project development.
VSM has branch offices in Schoonhoven, the Netherlands with technical management and Kaliningrad, Russia with crewing, quality assurance and quality control.

Vaage Ship Management offers a range of services for 3rd party shipping companies according to your needs.

We can do full ship management services or services your organization may need.
Full Ship Management of your vessels including corporate and accounting

Technical Management is daily operation and maintencance of your vessels20140902_104831

Quality Management

Lay-up Management accoring to rules and regulations

Project Development and Management

Corporate Services

Other services

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