Vista Shipping

Aug 21, 2016 | | Say something
AddressLehiku tee 9-2 11912 Tallinn Estonia
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About Vista Shipping

Vista Shipping Agency was established in March 1993 as a 100 % private company initially focusing on charter brokerage and later expanding into a shipping agency services.
Today, the Company has three vessels under full management. These vessels specialize on the transportation of metals, construction materials, fertilizers, iron ore, and grains between the ports of the Baltic and Northern seas.

Our mission is to connect the coasts across the sea.

We achieve it through engineering excellence of our performance and proficiency of our team.

Our values are safety, reliability, respectability, honesty and 100% quality.

We set realistic goals and conduct our business in a serious and professional manner.

During all years in operation we have proved ourselves as a competitive, trustworthy, flexible company, which provides sea and river shipping services in the best possible way.
Vista Shipping Agency invites cargo and ship owners to cooperation.

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