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AddressSuite 13F-A-01 & 13F-A-06 Empire Heights, Business Bay Dubai, United Arab Emirates
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The VORTEX OFFSHORE Group was founded in 2007, and currently has offices in Panama and Dubai. VORTEX OFFSHORE strives to provide their clients with Maritime Services meeting the highest industry standards, prioritizing safety and aiming at total Client Satisfaction.

It is our Vision to empower our employees in an innovative, ever evolving environment, constantly striving to maintain a competitive advantage in meeting the needs of our clients.

To lead is to inspire, to influence and to initiate productive change within people and processes as we move toward our vision.

Being a leader means determination to create a path rather than following others. It means setting a direction and continuously looking for new solutions to the ever-changing needs and expectations around us. Through our values we contribute to a stronger image, reputation and credibility of our industry while we continue to provide value to our stakeholders.

Our leadership expectations are embodied in creating value, driving positive change, bringing out the best in people, being accountable, being tough-minded and fair and being loyal beyond personal interest.

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