Trans W. Shipping

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AddressOffice 408, 4th floor, Zvenigoroskaya str. 1/2, Business-centre "Zvenigorodskiy"
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About Trans W. Shipping

Our comany Trans W. Shipping Ltd located in densely populated and famous city Saint-Petersburg (Russia).
Founded by Tsar Peter I of Russia on May 27, 1703, it was the capital of the Russian Empire for more than two hundred years.

It is Russia’s second largest city after Moscow and sixth in Europe. Also Saint-Petersburg is important seaport on the Baltic Sea and also Volgo-Baltic waterway.

In October 2000 Trans W. Shipping Ltd was established as a is privately owned maritime recruiting agency and has grown progressively since.
At present our office located close to city centre in business center “Zvenigorodskiy” (subway station “Zvenigorodskaya”) on Zvenigorodskaya street 1/2, office 408.

Our recruiting officers and managers have all undergone a maritime education, including extensive seagoing experience as officers on board of practically most types of sea-going vessels and experience in the crewing business
Trans W. Shipping is also an active member of the Association of Crewing Companies of Russia and our General Manager Mikhail Nikritin was previously Personal Superintendent of Baltic Shipping Company St. Petersburg between 1987 and 1997

We are holding the Russian Government license for the recruitment of Russian citizens to work abroad.
This means that Trans W Shipping is certified in accordance with the relevant rules applicable to placement of Russian seafarers onboard ships flying foreign flags in accordance with requirements ISO standards 9001: 2008 in respect of selection and employment of maritme specialist; providing personnel for the shipowners, ship operators and shipping companies in compliance with the requirements of the “Maritime Labour Convention, 2006” (MLC 2006) of the International Labour Organization relating to recruitment and registration service. We are also holding a “Certificate of Compliance” issued by the “Center of Coordination and Certification of Services for Recruitment and Employment of Seafarers on Foreign Flag vessels” on behalf of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation.
We have more than 2,500 licensed crew members in our database of which presently some three hundred are placed onboard foreign flag vessels, which means that TRANS W. Shipping has a turnover of some 600 experienced seamen within a year.
All seagoing personnel serving onboard of our clients’ vessels are certified in accordance with the IMO STCW78/95 and amendments of the International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watch keeping.
Everyone recruited has completed approved training in: personal survival techniques, fire prevention and fire fighting, medical aid, emergency procedures, proficiency in survival crafts and rescue boats, pollution prevention, personal safety and social responsibility and training for specialized tonnage where required
All officers and ratings are conversant in English language as per job requirements and STCW stipulations.
During the last seven years we have gained considerable experience in the recruitment of seafarers for a diversified fleet of vessels including oil & chemical tankers, LPG, containers, bulk carriers , Ro-Ro vessels, railway ferries, coasters, tugs and GC tonnage.
The continues exchange of experience with our manpower resources, briefing and de-briefing sessions enable us today to meet most manning requirements .

All our seafarers are hold valid certificates of competency and endorsements accepted by all flag state regulations, tonnage specific documents required under the IMO Convention STCW78/95 as amended. We maintain a strict control of the validity of all certificates and assure timely revalidation . Trans W. Shipping directs the seafarers to different upgrading courses and work in close cooperation with the “Makarov Maritime State Academy”, the Maritime colleges of St.-Petersburg and the private training centers certified by Russian Maritime Governmental Authorities.
One other aspect of our activities is the maintenance of good working relationships with maritime authorities, the Harbour master’s office, relevant embassies and consulates, the approved unions, travel agencies and airlines to assure timely assignment of all employed seamen and/or to arrange relevant agreements, travel arrangement, visa clearances and boarding.
We offer to fill onboard position on the basis of berth or position for an agreed period of time at cost effective rates.

Careers & Jobs

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