Wilhelmsen Marine Services (WMS)

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AddressBeddingen 8 Aker Brygge P.O.Box 1583 Vika, 0118 OSLO Norway
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About Wilhelmsen Marine Services (WMS)

WMS is responsible for the technical management and crewing of the group’s vessels as well as newbuilding and conversion projects.

WMS strive to provide cost efficient, environmentally sound and high quality services with a long-term perspective based upon high technical skills, safety awareness and continous improvement. WMS was established in 1975 and operates out of AWILHELMSEN’s office in Oslo, Norway.

Ship management
Through the years WMS has managed a number of different types of vessels, including crude oil tankers, product tankers, shuttle tankers, heavy-transport vessels, dry bulk vessels, diving and offshore service vessels.

In addition to ship management WMS has been responsible for several marine- and offshore newbuilding projects which have resulted in a broad technical experience for the company.

WMS’ mission is marine transportation through Safety and Environmental excellence.
Our main goal is a safe and efficient operation with:

  • No accidents
  • No personal injury
  • No environmental damage
  • No damage to equipment

This goal will enable the company to achieve and maintain the highest standard of safe operation, meeting all environmental protection requirements and manage safe custody of our vessels, the owner’s interests and the customers’ cargoes and thus make Wilhelmsen Marine Service AS the technical management company of choice.

To achieve this goal WMS has identified some core objectives that describe our focus and our continuous improvement process;

Safeguarding our people, ships and cargoes
The ships shall be operated well maintained and safe for crew, visitors, cargo and the environment. The Company’s quality operations are supported by an experienced, educated and well trained staff onboard and ashore.
The Company shall adhere to national and international laws and regulations and constantly promote “best practices” identified within its own operation and the industry in order to improve individual crewmembers and vessel safety performance.
The Company’s senior management shall actively engage in monitoring the Company’s performance in order to future encourage and promote positive trends, to provide advice and to take corrective action where negative trends are detected.

Careers & Jobs

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