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Feb 1, 2016 | | Say something
AddressFabriksgatan 2,, SE-531 30 Lidköping
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About Wisby Tankers

Wisby Tankers is a genuine shipping company, owned and managed by the founders. We have the traditional functions of a shipping company in-house, such as ownership, technical management and crewing, HSE-function, ship operation, project development and construction site supervision. We have a flat and modern organization with clearly defined areas of responsibilities and we keep a close and direct relation to our ships, its crew, our customers and partners.

Through our close management we have been able to improve our way of tanker shipping and adapt to particular requirements. We can ensure our customers and partners a safe and efficient transport of cargoes with high environmental values.

Wisby Shipmanagement – our operation

Technical management and crewing is done in the name of Wisby Shipmanagement, an in-house subsidiary of Wisby Tankers.

Our partners – of vital importance to us

We have strived to create partnership with strong partners, partnership that should be to the benefit of both parties. Today we are proud to have long term relations with Rederi AB Gotland and Atlas Sahara SA.

The crew – our corner stones and representatives

Our crew is of different nationalites, with a large share of Swedish and Phillipine. Regardless the flag or nationality of the crew, they provide a vital cornerstone in our business activities and are our representatives at sea and in the tanker terminals.
We have high demands in the selection of our employees, but in return offer a working environment where their responsibility, professional skill and opinions as well as actions are encouraged and supported. Practically all crew members return on a rotation basis.

Project development – an important part of the future

We have in-house project development and have the capacity to bring a project from idee’ to ships delivery from the newbuilding shipyard. We have today newbuilding projects in progress in China and Croatia with our own site supervision of our own ship-design. Our capacity is important to meet the needs and idees’ of our customers and partners for the future.

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