World Marine Offshore

Nov 26, 2015 | | Say something
AddressHavdigevej 7, 6700 Esbjerg Denmark
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About World Marine Offshore

World Marine Offshore is a Danish offshore shipping company established in 2012 in the port of Esbjerg to meet the increasing demand for cost effective, safe and efficient crew and cargo transfer vessels.

We specialize in offshore crew transfer, cargo transfer, guard operation, rescue support and chase operation.

World Marine Offshore is operated from Denmark but have focus on the entire world. We currently operate in Denmark, Germany, Great Britain, Netherlands, Belgium and France.

The Company’s goal is to be the preferred provider of quality-assured supply services to offshore companies, both national and international. The Company aims to safeguard its long-term perspective through a balanced chartering strategy that ensures a basic cash flow combined with an assessed exposure to the spot market.


We are dedicaded to develop long-term relationships with our clients, based on mutual trust and honesty, which makes our relations not only useful but also valuable.

Environment Health and Safety

Our care and concern for safety, environment and health is foremost in our service delivery, including the prevention of pollution, injury and ill health. We create a conducive and hazard free working environment where we solve all our tasks with respect for clients, associated partners, employees, subcontractors and the environment.


We value our reputation and will not do anything that could harm it. All gained trust is valuable to us.


We take pride in and guarantee the quality of our work, knowing that our solutions make life easier and more comfortable for our clients.

Innovative and Sustainable solutions

We strive to provide innovative and sustainable solutions to enhance the asset value, and achieve operational efficiency, we innovate instead of copying.

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