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Address 2 Liter-D, Vidanvskaya street, St. Petersburg, Russia.
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About Worldinter

Company WORLDINTER Ltd. was founded 23rd of December, 1997 in St. Petersburg. Company offers a wide range of services in the field of Marine Transport.
We are All Crewing Manning Services Agency.
All Type of Vessels, Offshore AHT&AHTS, all ranks and specialties include AB/Diver.

I became a seafarer in far 1969 and I never felt regrets about my choice.
Seafaring life very much changed since that time and still keeps changing.
There are many seafarers in Russian history since the time of Peter the Great.
They served their Fatherland in Navy and Merchant Fleet and their names will never be forgotten.
Today seafarers’ life is not easy since they have to overcome numerous bureaucratic obstacles and sometimes offending Officials with Fleet.
Anyway we have already chosen the Seafarer’s life and our destiny is to serve Russian Fleet and Fatherland.
To all of You I wish good Luck and Quiet Sailing.

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