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ZALCO belongs to an established Organization which was set up in 1986.

Our initial main business was the Manufacturing of Non Ferrous Metals, Shipowning and trading of Commodities and eventually leading to our Ship Chartering affiliation. We are incorporated in Singapore and have satellite alliances in Malaysia, London, Norway, Middle East and China.

Over the recent years, we have relied on Ship Operators and Charterers to move our products from the loadport to its eventual destination. However, in early 2006, we have decided that it is time that we did this Chartering business was done on our own to rely less on the Ship Operator.

As a result of this, ZALCO has with them currently a dynamic management and a sincere co-operative and knowledgeable workforce . The team is constantly trained and tuned to the needs of the markets.The carefully selected workforce undergoes continuous On Job Training and is fully geared to face all the challenges of the industry.

Shipping is, undoubtedly, among the most dynamic industries, which requires that those who work in shipping be flexible enough to move with the constantly occurring changes. The nature of our activities requires a lot of experience, intelligence, knowledge, abilities, reliability and quality. Due to strong international competition we are to observe and satisfy the demands and expectations of our clients. We do our best to assure the quality of our services and we believe that we can achieve our objectives by using modern technologies.

The policy of our company is to offer services to our clients in conformity with our contracts, applicable legal requirements, strictly complying with the contract terms and at very competitive price.

In order to achieve the above mentioned objectives ZALCO has created and maintains an effective system for constant improvement and quality assurance of all activities in which all the staff of the company is involved. Quality assurance system of the company is developed in order to define all legal and quality requirements and to maintain the necessary unified level of performance control. Our Main Head Company has been certified ISO 9001 since February 2005.

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