Zouros Group

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Address42, 26th Octovriou Str. 546 27 Thessaloniki, Hellas
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About Zouros Group

Zouros Group is composed by a number of shipping companies,owners and operators of a large number of vessels mainly in offshore and port supply.The fleet is comprised of Anchor Handling Tug Supply (AHTS) vessels, Ocean going Tugs, Harbor tugs and freight and personnel carrying launch boats. Ownership of all these companies rests entirely within the Zouros family.

The founder of Zouros Group, Mr. Nikolaos Zouros, established a maritime agency company in the early 80’s, providing the full range of port services. Having secured exclusive local representation rights for the Port of Thessaloniki for the majority of the large ship owners he managed, in the course of a decade, to establish a privately owned harbour fleet, composed by mooring and crew boats as well as tug boats, operating in the port of Thessaloniki and the Group was gradually formed. The group managed in the next ten years to combine an exemplary track recording the areas of operations, such as safety, maintenance, accident prevention etc, with consistently positive economic indexes, thus becoming the regional market leader.

The next years were marked by a series of successful long distance towages and the most specialised of ocean salvage operations. The enrichment of the personnel with the technical and naval know how from such operations was constantly being supplemented with the acquisition of additional vessels of ever increasing capabilities, ocean going tugs and AHTS vessels.