Need Master for Offshore Vessel

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Need Master for Offshore Vessel

The vessel’s Master has the overriding authority and responsibility for the safety, pollution prevention and operation of the vessel, beyond statutory rules and requirements. In certain circumstances, this may require a departure from documented procedures.

In all matters which affect, or may affect the safe operation of the vessel or protection of the environment, the Master shall report, in the first instance, directly to the duty person for the relevant department. With regards to executing the charter/contract, the Master should under normal operations, act upon instructions from the charterer’s representative or Farstad’s chartering/operations department.

In addition, the Master is responsible for:

  • Implementing Farstad Shipping’s Safety and Environmental Protection Policy
  • Motivating the Officers and crew in the execution of that policy
  • Issuing appropriate orders for the efficient and safe operation of the vessel in a clear and concise manner
  • Reviewing the Safety Management System and reporting any deficiencies to shore based management
  • Monitoring the expiry dates of all Statutory Certificates and instigate any necessary work, control and inspections for their renewal
  • Ensuring that the Safety Management System is kept in date by liaising with the DPA/Quality Manager to arrange the necessary audits
  • Appraising and co-ordinating onboard training requirements with the Maritime Personnel Department
  • Reviewing the vessel contingency plans and operational procedures and reporting any deficiencies to the DPA/Quality Manager
  • Reporting non-conformities, accidents, incidents and hazardous occurrences to the Company
  • Ensuring that all documentation that is designated as controlled is maintained and issued as per Company procedures
  • Requesting any assistance from the Company as may be deemed necessary to ensure the safe and pollution free operation of the vessel
  • Ensuring that all records relevant to the Safety Management System, and as defined in Plans for Vessel Operations for operational procedures, are maintained and available at all times
  • Implementing, monitoring and enhancing the HSEQ system relating to the vessel in co-operation with the Company’s HSEQ Department
  • In writing, informing the relieving Master at crew change about the operation of the vessel to the extent necessary to maintain the safe, efficient and pollution free operation of the vessel
  • The requisition, purchase and control of received spares, stores and services
  • Assisting the Managers with budgets
  • Carry out or delegate the duties of the Ship Security Officer under the ISPS code as described in the Ship Security Plan
  • All functions as Cargo handling and stowage; Controlling the operation of the ship and care for persons on board at the Management level

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