Jobs for Chief Mate

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Jobs for Chief Mate

The Chief Mate’s duties are:

  • Head of Deck Department and Master’s Deputy
  • Ensuring deck crew follow safe working practices as defined in Company procedures
  • Instructing junior officers, cadets and ratings on relevant procedures
  • Ensure Garbage Record Book and Deck Log Book are accurate and up to date
  • The vessel’s Safety Officer
  • Responsible for familiarization of new personnel onboard
  • Cargo planning and documentation
  • Stability and related calculations
  • Maintenance of all surfaces outside the engine room
  • Duty Officer on bridge
  • Monitor the expiry dates of certificates for navigation, lifesaving, first-aid, and fire-fighting equipment, and instigate necessary jobs, controls and inspections in order to obtain renewal
  • Plan and carry out fire drills on deck in agreement with the Master
  • Manage fire-fighting team outside engine room
  • Purchase of spares and consumables for deck Department according to budget
  • Control stock of spares and consumables for deck Department
  • Responsible for ensuring that the medical supplies are maintained and replenished as required
  • Navigating Officer and is responsible to the Master for passage planning and the maintenance of charts and nautical publications where no second mate is carried
  • Other duties as instructed by the Master: navigation, cargo handling and stowage, controlling the operation of the ship and care for persons on board at the Management level

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