Work in Arctic region and on the Northern Sea Route

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Work in Arctic region and on the Northern Sea Route

NSC fleet has been working traditionally and regularly in Arctic region making exceptional professional and qualified voyages taking into consideration hard weather and technical conditions. Over 2007 to 2009 period NSC fleet has carried out unloading operations to ice piers in Kharasavey. From 2007 till 2014 NSC vessels have taken part in construction of Bovanenkovo-Ukhta underwater gas trunk line (Yamal project of Gazprom) delivering concrete pipes to the “MRTS-Defender” complex in Baydaratskaya Bay of the Kara Sea. Along with serial vessels as m/v “Mekhanik Yartsev”, also m/v “Mikhail Lomonosov” and m/v “Kholmogory” have participated in transportation. In 2011, arctic sea carriage along the Northern Sea Route has acquired uniqueness due to transported cargo. Bulky cargo-manifold total weight of 407 tons has been delivered by m/v “Pioner Moldavii” from Norway to Sakhalin for the project “Sakhalin-3”. M/v “Tekhnolog Konyukhov” and m/v “Pioner Karelii” have delivered equipment for installation of weather station to the transpolar port Tiksi. In September 2011 m/v “Pavel Korchagin” made a voyage along the Arctic carrying economic cargos. The vessel called at Franz Josef Land, Cape Zhelaniya, Solnechnaya Bay, Dickson, Belushya bay and small islands of the Arctic Ocean. In November 2011 m/v “Kapitan Ryntsyn” made a voyage to Varandey carrying equipment and heavy technique for oil industry workers. In summer 2012 m/v “Iohann Mahmastal” delivered cargoes for a mining company to Anabar in Yakutia. In August 2012 the state program for long-term environmental remediation of Franz Josef Archipelago has started from Arkhangelsk.

M/v “Tekhnolog Konyukhov” has delivered heavy off-road vehicles, tractors and waste containers. In October 2012 m/v “Pavel Korchagin” and m/v “Ivan Ryabov” delivered the first cargo of scrap metal from Franz Josef Land. From 2012, vessels of Northern Shipping Company have been actively involved in cargo transportation to port Sabetta and soon volume of transportation is to increase significantly. In summer navigation vessels of the type of “Mekhanik Yartsev”, and in winter m/v “Inzhener Veshnyakov” or “Inzhener Trubin” are supposed to sail on this particular route. NSC tugs “Nord” and “Viking” work in Arctic region: in Dickson, Dudinka, Baydaratskaya Bay, Tiksi, Murmansk, Kharasavey, Sabetta. Every year icebreaker-tug “Nord” makes towing of various marine objects from Arkhangelsk to Spitsbergen. In 2013 m/v “Inzhener Trubin” became a member of experimental expedition Tyumen – Sabetta – China – New Port having made the first historic voyage from a new building port Sabetta (Yamal). In spring 2013, m/v “Inzhener Veshnyakov” unloaded on land fast ice of Sabetta; in summer, m/v “Tekhnolog Konyukhov” delivered cargoes to Cape Zhelaniya Novaya Zemlya), m/v “Inzhener Veshnyakov” delivered cargoes to Cape Schmidt (Chukotka).

During navigation 2014 NSC, Arkhangelsk became an active participant of a vast logistic chain aimed to develop Arctic infrastructure according to the order of Ministry of Defense of Russian Federation. As part of the development program NSC motorvessels “Iohann Mahmastal” and “Inzhener Veshnyakov” delivered construction materials to build townships on Wrangel Island and the far-eastern Shmidt Cape. The cargo was discharged to unequipped shore in severe weather conditions. For the first time in NSC history motorvessel “Inzhener Trubin” was discharged using the helicopters. The navigation to Sabetta (Yamal LNG project) became year-round and uninterruptable. The volume of cabotage (domestic) shipping increased three-fold comparing to last year.

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