Offshore Personnel for Accommodation workboat

Feb 3, 2016 | | 4 comments
Offshore Personnel for Accommodation workboat

Accommodation workboat

– Master
– Chief Officer
– Second Officer
– Chief Engineer
– Second Engineer
– Third Engineer
– Electrician
– Crane Operator

– min. 2 years experiences on board 4 Point mooring AWB or similar type of vessel
– Possesses valid Certificate of Competency for whatever ranks to be engaged, all
documents and Certificates must be revalidated in accordance with the STCW latest
Convention and Amendment.
– Passing MEO & Charterer’s requirement, pre-employment medical check-up by our
appointed Medical Clinic.
– Malaysian flagged, operating Offshore Malaysia
MEO is highly committed in offering our employees a competitive salary and benefits,
supportive environment, with opportunities for advancement.

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Job added by: Miclyn Express Offshore

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4 Responses

  1. Good day,
    I’m 2nd Engineer with 11 years’ experience in offshore industry. I have a huge experience to operate, maintenance and repair different kind of engines, mechanical systems , equipment and units. Good troubleshooting skills. Coc Chief engineer without limitation.
    My Email :
    tel + 79217126305

  2. SAIPEM S.p.A. Control Tower/Anchor Winch Operator/Crane Operator/Assistant Crane Operator/ Bosun / A/B. Andriy Yermilov. looking for new apportunities in Offshore and Tankers Fleet. Now I’m actively looking for employment in offshore industry on board different types of Ships,Barges,Boats,Platforms for any Projeсts or Tankers Fleet. With 28+ years experience of work at sea on different types of merchant and offshore ships(barges)wifh multi national crew.

    16 years at Tankers Fleet . 3 years Experience on Offshore Fleet of Pipe-layers,Trenching,Dredging,Cable Lay Projects.Qualified Unlimited Bosun / A/B /Control Tower / Anchor Winch Operator / Crane Operator/Assistant Crane Operator. I believe I would be one of your best employees given the opportunity to work within or for your company.

    The knowledge and skills that I have gained working on board of various type of ships for over 28+ years, is a testament to the high level of work that I have provided various companies to date.

    Also I have experience of Anchor handling Operations at 10/8/4 Anchors,Pelligrini and Motive Winches. Crane Operator (Liebherr 100 t) . All Documents according STCW. BOSIET/HUET. Control Tower / Anchor Winch Operator Sert.(OPITO).Offshore Craine Operator.(OPITO).Bosun / A/B. Medical Examination till 2017.Kazakhstan Visa.Visa USA expiry date 18.09.2016

    Please find attached my resume for detailed information on my skills, knowledge and employment. However I believe that I will be able to provide you with more specific information via a Skype or mobile interview. I am confident that I would be an asset to your company and look forward to hearing from you.

    I will consider any offers on work.

    Ready for a new opportunity.

    Best Regards

    Andriy Yermilov

    Mobile : +380966811918

    E-mail :

    Skype : Odessey86

    LinkedIn :

  3. I would like to apply for the Deck Officer position in your company as advertised. I, Akuila Yacadra, 44 yrs old, Master 500grt Unlimited, 3000grt Near Coastal, Chief Mate 3000grt Unlimited was employed as a Chief Officer of an AHTS/ ASD Tugs for 4 yrs 7 months in an Offshore Installation with mix crews. My Email Address:, Phone #: (+679) 866 5808, (+679) 356 1060.

  4. I am interested to apply that vacant position as a DPO Second Mate. But for now i still working onboard vessel working in Brunei Shell We had same type of your vessel point mooring system.

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