Able Bodied Seaman (AB)

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Able Bodied Seaman (AB)


Performs routine deck operations aboard the vessel, including maintaining the cleanliness of the vessel.


Performs necessary routine maintenance, repairs, and handles ship’s business under the direction of the Mate.
Prepares for trip and load cargo and ship’s stores
Stands watch while vessel is underway as required in order to reach destination safely and expeditiously.
Maintains the cleanliness of the vessel


Possess the following valid certifications or licenses:
Merchant Mariners Credentials (MMC) – USCG rating of AB (OSV) and Rating Performing Part of a Navigation Watch endorsed on STCW
Valid Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC — minimum six (6) months prior to renewal)
Valid Passport (minimum six (6) months prior to renewal)
Valid Drivers’ License (minimum six (6) months prior to renewal)

Experience: Previous vessel experience preferred.


Applicants will be tested to ensure they can meet the physical demands and situational awareness while performing the tasks required for mooring and unmooring vessels, transferring rigging, laying rigging, handling lines, coupling and uncoupling loads during crane operations, moving and operating portable pumps, handling manifold connections and cargo hoses (charged and empty) across deck, assist rigging and unrigging loads (when qualified), marlinspike seamanship, assisting the engine room department (as needed), assisting in making locks or bridges, routine housekeeping duties, general maintenance, Rules of the Road (USCG) knowledge, and assisting in the navigation of the boat. These duties will be performed during all types of weather, night and day, and while the vessel is underway.
Incumbents are required to use hand tools, power tools, painting equipment, and personal protective gear.
Incumbents are frequently required to move equipment that is heavy or awkward and must meet a 100 lb. lifting requirement.

Hitch may be a 28/14 day rotation (projected to be 243 days worked per year) or a 28/28 rotation (projected to be 183 days worked per year) and will commence on or before 3/31/2018.

Pay range for this position is $180 – $190 USD per day dependent upon vessel class, experience, licensing, and time within the industry.

Based on these day rate ranges and rotation the projected annual compensation would be in the range of:
$44,000 to $47,000 USD      -28/14 rotation
$33,000 to $35,000 USD      -28/28 rotation

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  1. Good day! I am very much interested in applying in your company. I’m currently a 3/o in bulk, been officer for 3 years now, and have experienced working in anchor handling and supply in between working in bulk. You may reach me at

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  3. Good morning,

    My name’s Arnold Litkiewicz,polish A/B.I am looking for a new job.J have previous offshore experience- more than 10 years on different kind of vessels like PSV,AHTS,ROV,DSV,CAble Layer. IF you are interested ,please let me know, i will send copy’s
    of my documents and certificates.

    KInd Regards
    Arnold Litkiewicz +48607355882

  4. Hello,Dear Sir/Madam,
    My name is Andriy Yermilov, with 28+ years experience of work at sea on different types of Tankers,Merchant and Offshore ships(barges)with multi National crew.
    21 years on Tankers Fleet, equipped with Framo and Steam Turbines systems.Carried many different type of Hazard Cargo onboard of Tankers.Prepared tanks for inspections and other types of cargo. I worked for many years on tankers dealing with STS cargo Operation.Have Strong Nord sea Experience.
    3 years Experience on Offshore Fleet of Pipe-layers,Trenching,Dredging,Cable Lay Projects.Africa/Sakhalin/Filonovskiy/Kashagan-1/Kashagan-2.
    Good experience of Anchor handling Operations at 12/10/8/4 Anchors, Pelligrini and Motive Winches. Pipelay,Cable Lay,Deep and Shallow water Experience, Shore-Pull, Jacket installation, S-lay pipeline installation, Landfall, Tie-ins, Installation of manifolds, foundations and platform topsides, Underwater connections by divers, Underwater connections with ROV,in position Qualified Unlimited Bosun /A.B. Deck Foreman/Control Tower / Anchor Winch Operator / Crane Operator/Assistant Crane Operator. Familiar with work Tensioner machine Ramakute Pipe lay and SAS S-Lay Cable Lay.
    Also I have experience with Lathe,Welding and Blasting Machine.Huge work experience aboard in Dry Dock. Grate experience in use Chipping,Grinding,Painting,Carpentry equipment, deck inventory and Lubricants materials,well-known IMPA catalogs.
    I am know how prepearing the Deck,Tanks,Holds,all deck Machinery,Cranes to any inspections successfully pass them Safely and Competently.
    All Documents according STCW Manila. BOSIET/HUET. Offshore Control Tower / Anchor Winch Operator, Banksman and Slinger, Rigging and Slinging Course, Basic H2S Training,Crane Operator.Stage 1 (Liebherr 100 t).
    I believe I would be one of your best employees given the opportunity to work within or for your company.The knowledge and skills that I have gained working on board of various type of ships for over 28+ years, is a testament to the high level of work that I have provided various companies to date.
    Please find attached my resume for detailed information on my skills, knowledge and employment. However I believe that I will be able to provide you with more specific information via a Skype or mobile interview. I am confident that I would be an asset to your company and look forward to hearing from You.
    I will consider any offers on work.Ready for any Training.
    Ready for a new opportunity.
    Readiness 100%
    Best Regards
    Andriy Yermilov
    Mobile : +380966811918
    E-mail :
    Skype : Odessey86
    LinkedIn :

  5. I am Enrico jelly Tobing and i want to apply to your company for Rank AB
    And i experience AHTS, AHT, UTILITY, SEISMIC VESSEL, PSV, JACKUP BARS if you need AB please call or sms me
    Let me know how can i apply

    email ;
    Phone : +62 821 6901 9777

  6. Hello, I аm Misho Mikov and i want to apply to your company for Rank AB.I have 30 years of experience mostly on Oil tankers,the last 25 years as Bosun.I worked on FPSO MODEC in Brasil 3 years,and also have experience of Seismic vessel and Cable lay Projects.

    Misho Mikov
    Phone +359887601819

  7. Good day Sir,
    I’m a Ghanaian seafarer and humbly wish to apply for a position as an able seaman in your esteemed company and all my documents are up to date.
    My regards
    Ernest Kwesi Cobbinah

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