Able Seaman, OS, Fitter, Pumpman, Messman for Oil.Chem Tanker

Nov 18, 2015 | | 34 comments
Able Seaman, OS, Fitter, Pumpman, Messman for Oil.Chem Tanker

Rank: Able Seaman
Type of Vessel: Oil tanker
DWT: 39 000
Engine: MAK
Salary: 2000 USD
Rank: OS
Type of Vessel: Oil tanker
DWT: 39 000
Engine: MAK
Salary: 1000 USD

Rank: Fitter
Type of Vessel: Chem. tanker
DWT: 48 000
Engine: B&W
Salary: 2000 USD

Rank: Pumpman
Type of Vessel: Prod. tanker
DWT: 48 000
Engine: MAK
Salary: 2800 USD

Rank: Messman
Type of Vessel: Oil tanker
DWT: 39 000
Engine: MAK
Salary: 1400 USD

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34 Responses

  1. Dear Sir/Madam,

    Hardworking and eager to gain experience and build sea miles. I have a current STCW with Manila 2010. Would like to submit an application for OS (ordinary seaman). Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions,or if you would like to arrange an interview.

    Kind regards

    Simon Butler
    Phone +1 345 322 4924

  2. Good day I am ordinary seaman I am 25 years, I like to have an opportunity to work on board. My number phone is +91 7208531102 my email is

    I have sailed on a VLCC, oil tanker for 9 months as an o/s

    G.R.T for both the ships are 160930
    I have stcw 95
    My last company was N.I.T.C National Iranian Tanker Company

  3. I have all of what your looking for prior navy.Military discipline very safety minded have worked on supply vessels in the gulf of mexico,Semi submersibles and many others. if you need i can send a resume with all my back ground and cert’s contact number 1-985-688-6097 email

  4. Good day.

    My name is Kyzin Borys. I studied well, I like this profession very much.

    Сorrespondence study on navigation.

    I physically hardy, able-bodied, do not drink. All documents are available.

    English above average experience. I really hope that you will consider my profile

    and give me a chance to work with your company.


    Mobile: +380661797917

  5. Good morning, I turn to you in this opportunity to request an opportunity to work in such distinguished company offering my services as a cook because I meet the requirements to qualify for the opportunity

    COURSES IMO Seafarers Documentation

    – Personal safety and social responsibilities. IMO 1.21 Model, duration of 24 hours, from 17 to 19 November 2014.
    -First Aid basics. IMO 1.13 Model, lasting 16 hours, 20 to 21 November 2014.
    -Prevention And firefighting. IMO 1.20 Model, duration of 16 hours, from 22 to 24 November 2014.
    -Techniques Personal survival. IMO 1.19 Model, duration of 16 hours, from 25 to 26 November 2014.
    – Protection awareness training for all seafarers. IMO 3.27 Model, lasting 16 hours, 15 to 16 December 2014.
    -Training Protection for seafarers that is assigned security duties. IMO 3.26 Model, duration of 16 hours, from 25 to 26 March 2015.

    Besides documents updated as;
    -certified Sufficiency
    Panamanian marine -Cédula
    -Health certificate
    -certified Food handling

  6. Good day Sir/Madam.

    I am interested in becoming OS or AB on board of your good vessel. I have 1 year of experience on board of oil/chemical tanker as a Deck Cadet. i can perform my duties well, such as mooring, cargo operation, ballasting, take sounding/ullaging.

    You can contact me by email, , and my phone number is +6010-494542.

  7. good day sir/madam.
    i am prineesh. i am intresting to joining your company as a ordinery seaman. if you there any vaccancies please inform me.
    mob +919633507799

  8. Dear Sirs, I’m looking for vacancy in your good company. I’dont have
    segoing experience, but i have 12monthes practice, it was at tags in
    Port of Odessa.Salary is not very important as I need an experience. My
    English is good(7/10) level, so I can work in mix crew. I’m sociable and
    good-working person. I’m interested in any work – cadet or messman.
    My contacts:
    tel. +38063-392-09-45.

  9. Dear Sirs, I’m looking for vacancy. i have experienced more than one year. my name is mikheil, i am able seaman and can work like os too. my gmail is
    if possible contact with me. more thanks

  10. Pumpman . 40 yrs old. 18 yrs tanker experience. 4 completed contract with product tanker . 4 years oil/chem and 6 months completed contract as pumpman on oil/chem last contract. All papers at hand. Willing and ready to join. With valid U.S. visa. Contact number +63 9198436535. Email

  11. Dear Sir
    I’m looking for vacancy. I have experienced more than 2
    year in Fishing vessel. I am very hardworker

    My name is MUBDEE , i am able seaman and can work like Os too. my
    gmail is
    if possible contact with me. more thanks

  12. Hello

    In total ,I am working about 16 years at sea.

    Of these 12 years working on chemical tankers, several contracts worked on chemical Gas carriers,

    about 4 years working in the offshore.

    On chemical tankers, I performed the duties of Pumpman.

    About 8 year I worked in the Nordic Tankers, in ships with stainless steel tanks.

    We were transporting very heavy chemistry, I was acting Pumpman .

    There is a very great experience.

    There is very good knowledge of the cargo pumps Framo and Marflex.

    I worked on a very complex commercial systems.

    I can do welding and lathe work.

    Throughout his naval career, i have very good feedback from the authorities.

    There are all the document in accordance with international requirements.

    I worked in a multinational crew.

    Currently looking for a job in connection with crew change to a different nationality.

    Andrejs Sudniks

    Best Regards.

  13. i am looking for practice as Deck Cadet or OS and i am ready for this job
    have 2 contracts (1st as Deck Cadet, 2nd as AB)
    Mobile number +79170837508
    english good

  14. Good day sir, my name is Tabrez Phansopkar, it will be my pleasure to join your company for the post of messman. I have done 8 contracts as messman in some reputed companies.Please call me on +91 9860086390 or mail me at tabrezphansopkar@gmail. Thank you

  15. Hello sir/madam,my name is sanket kadu,it willbe my pleasure to join your company for the post of os.i have done 1contract as t.os in some reputed companie.please call me on +919768062334/76 78 051417 or mail me at thank you

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