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Careers at Sealion

At Sea
To apply for a seagoing position kindly apply on the Farnham Marine Agency (FMA) website.

Sealion offer Deck Officer, Engineer Officer and Electro-Technical Officer Cadetships. We work closely with Ship Safe Training Group Ltd. (SSTG). Applications for Cadetships should be made to SSTG here.

Crew Recruitment “Internet scam”
We have recently heard that there have been emails sent by “internet scammers” in the name of Sealion Shipping offering seafarer applicants a position and a salary.

Sealion Shipping do not send out job offers. All employment for Sealion Managed Vessels is managed exclusively by Farnham Marine Agency (FMA) who contact all successful applicants by phone once an application has been made through the Farnham Marine Agency website.

FMA will only contact you by email if we do not receive a reply from your nominated phone number. Any email messages sent to you will have contact details correctly matching those on the FMA and Sealion website.

The “scam” we are aware of is a “phishing scam” whereby the objective of the scammers is to extract money from unwary applicants. Such “scams” are widespread in many parts of the internet. Under no circumstances will Sealion or FMA request an applicant to “send money”.

Sealion and FMA websites are sited on secure servers and their security is always vigilantly monitored. Applications made in the normal way through the FMA website are unaffected and remain secure. If you have any queries please contact FMA through using the website contact details.

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