Careers at SSTG

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Careers at SSTG

Training Ships Officers for over 35 years

The Ship Safe Training Group Ltd (or SSTG) has provided an entry route for Officer Trainees wanting to develop their careers within the exciting world of the Merchant Navy for over 35 years. We recruit Officer Trainees for an expansive range of companies operating sophisticated vessels with the comprehensive support we provide all of our Officer Trainees being second to none.

What is the Merchant Navy and why choose a maritime career?

The British Merchant Navy is an integrated fleet of vessels of all sizes operated by independent commercial companies. They transport raw materials, manufactured goods, passengers, and provide specialist services including scientific research and exploration across the oceans of the world. Many companies are truly international with their operations, which not only provides the seafarer with opportunities for visiting far-flung parts of the world, but also provides an exciting range of employment opportunities for working ashore later in their careers.

The maritime sector is the third largest revenue generator in the UK. More than 95% of Britain’s commercial goods are imported and exported aboard ships. And what’s more, there are increasing opportunities for rapid career advancement thanks to an ageing workforce and the highly regarded reputation of British-trained officers.

The Merchant Navy also provides vital services and support across the world’s industrial sectors for energy extraction and seabed mining; surveying and exploration; wind farming and cable laying; as well as operating advanced and highly specialised emergency response and recovery vessels.

Ships work around the clock and in the British fleet they provide wide-ranging career opportunities for Deck, Engineer and ETO officers. These offer a unique lifestyle and excellent prospects for promotion. Careers at sea provide an opportunity to rapidly gain considerable experience and responsibility in a stimulating and varied working environment. Qualified seafarers also have extensive career opportunities ashore in the maritime and associated industries.

The Ship’s Company

Modern ships are technologically advanced and require seafarers to apply a wide range of expertise.

There are normally two main departments on board – Deck and Engineering. Ships carrying passengers also have a Hotel Services department and many other roles catering for the demanding needs and expectations of the paying passenger.

The Deck department is concerned with the overall operation of the ship; responsibilities including navigation, communications, cargo or other ship operations, stability and safety. The Enginering department is responsible for all technical services including main engine propulsion, other plant and machinery, electrical generation and maintenance, all controlled by a complex array of computer control systems that need monitoring 24 hours a day.

The number in a ship’s company varies according to the size and type of ship and its area of operation. The company may range between as few as six crew members and up to twenty-five or more. These numbers will be significantly higher on passenger ships and ferries in all departments but particularly in the Hotel Services department, depending on the number of passengers carried.

Irrespective of the size of the ship’s company, the structure of the various departments follows the same pattern. Limited numbers of other specialist personnel may also be carried. The smaller the total numbers on board, the more inter-departmental work activity occurs. You will find out more about how the individual departments work on board ship by exploring the different officer disciplines links below.

  • Deck Officer
  • Engineer Officer
  • Electro-Technical Officer

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