Careers at Tarbit Shipping

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Careers at Tarbit Shipping

Motivated staff with a high level of skills are the key to secure transports and enhanced environmental awareness. All staff on board are employed directly by Tarbit and the OSM office in Manila assists in recruiting Philippine officers and crew.

The philosophy is to employ members of the fleet and school them in good seamanship and responsibility. But knowledge also needs to be esta blished and maintained. This is why staff undergo continuous personal development at an individual level. The opportunities for promotion and a career are vital for maintaining motivation among staff and are one of the cornerstones of our staff policy.

Successful modern tanker shipping demands teamwork, both at sea and ashore. The company actively supports a working environment based on open communication. Every body shall feel a sense of participation and have the fortitude to take responsibility when so required. Shared experience is the key to success.

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