Crew for Offshore Vessel

Nov 22, 2015 | | 39 comments
Crew for Offshore Vessel

We are one of the leading private crew management and manning company in Croatia. Our main activities are crew management-manning, than Crew Travel where taking care about the embarkation-disembarkation and the Crew Training on the specific requirements of our clients-shipowners.

If you are interested, notify your availability as soon as possible.


We occasionally have vacancies for the following positions:

On Offshore ships:

Master for MPSV, PSV, AHT, AHTS, Seismic with DP certification
Chief Engineers for MPSV, PSV, AHT, AHTS, Seismic
Chief Engineers and Captains for FSIV (crewboats)
Chief Mates for MPSV, PSV, AHT, AHTS, Seismic with DP Certification
2nd Engineers with Offshore experience
2nd Mates with DP Licences
3rd Engineers preferably with the offshore experience
Deck Foremen for maintenance and light subsea intervention vessels
Crane Operators with offshore experience and Sparrow 2, 3 certificates

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39 Responses

  1. i am 2/o and i have 28 m exp and i am ready to work 2/o or 3rd off/

  2. Dear sir,miss and madam
    I have a Cerrificate Class II and I want to apply as chief officer on your good vessel,
    my experience almost 9 years in offshore,from 2006 to 2015.
    Exp on the Supply vessel, Ocean Tug,Survey vessel from(analog,digital,streamer and drilling),then 3,5 year on 4point mooring vessel.If you have job vacancy to me,please infor or send via email at

  3. Hi Sir/Ma’am 3/engr Seismic vessel experience with complete documents. It would be appreciated if you could contact me as soon as you have a job opening in my position (

  4. Good day!

    My name is Sergejs Prohorovs and I am looking for a job(bosun-crane operator).

    My Crane Operator experience is 15 years. I was working on DSV,HLV,DPCLV, FPSO, offshore fleet.

    During this time I was working in UK, Denmark,Netherlands,Norway,Germany, Equatorial Guinea,Nigeria,Angola(Cabinda)

    with mixed crew(Norwegian,Polish,Germany,UK,USA and local crew).

    Subsea operation on depth 1200 meters.

    Personnel transfer/manriding operations (89 hours)

    Heavy lift and heavy lift from seabed operations

    I have:

    Offshore crane operator certificate stage 3(UK BS 7121)& API RP 2D (Sparrow)

    Inspection of Lifting Equipment (Lloids British Training Services);

    Helideck assistant certificate;



    Basic safety training;

    Bosun certificate;

    Rescue boat;

    Advanced fire-fighting certificate;

    Fast rescue boat certificate;


    Basic scaffolding certificate;

    Seagull certificate of competence-safety officer (SO)

    American visa(B1/B2 OCS)

    Sincerely Yours

    Sergejs Prohorovs.

  5. Good day

    was performing on board Accommodation Barge Master (

    None DP )

    at Abu Dhabi Oil Field area,

    have A-11/2 Master unlimited with endorsement of UAE,with

    all STCW and off shore related certificates

    more over am approved by Abu Dhabi Marine Authority and Operating

    company ( ADMA / OPCO approved Master )

    am available on short notice

    if you have any position, request consider me

    best Kind Regards

    Capt Amin Dar

  6. Dear Sir / Madam

    I have a keen interest in gaining employment within
    normal company, and I cant attached my CV for your perusal. I have long-term aspirations in the
    future and hope to see myself evolve and grow with your company. I believe that my experience with my continued trust
    in your unique and superior service makes me a good ambassador for your

    Given my experience, adaptability, and personality,
    combined with a solid understanding of what the role of a Chief Mate will
    entail, I am confident that I will succeed if a position becomes available.

    Throughout my 10-year offshore career I have always
    ensured that I left a lasting and positive impression of myself with all the
    people I meet. I think my employment record proves that I am willing and able
    to provide intensive hard work, no matter what is required, and that I can be
    relied upon to be professional and presentable at all times.

    I have extensive experience in both East and West
    Coast of Africa working along specialist security teams in the High Risk Area
    (HRA), and long term contracts on Barge Anchor Handling, Jack ups, Towing,
    Supply Vessels and 3 years as Chief Mate on security / chase vessels for
    numerous Seismic projects. This valuable experienceincludes working in the North
    Sea and various counties around the Mediterranean Sea.

    I have attained the necessary know-how and practical
    experience to perform such duties required in a safe and professional manner demonstrating excellent communication skills at all
    levels. I have the ability to
    relate well to individuals of any background and ethnicity showing good
    cognitive abilities, social skills, expertise, and problem-solving skills that
    account for the behavioral diversity necessary for effective leadership.

    Also proven adaptability, showing initiative at all
    times working well within a specialist team, I possesses the aptitude,
    self-discipline and enthusiasm to learn new skills and procedures quickly and
    effectively, and I obtained an honest understanding of what I
    knows, and what I can do, including seeking self-improvement.

    Always presenting a high standard and able to meet the
    demands of working to stringent guidelines while obtaining given targets. With
    extensive experience working in environments where risk reduction is crucial, I
    can be relied upon to be honest, displaying both integrity and confidentiality
    at all times.

    I would value any feedback to my application, and any
    advice or guidance would be greatly appreciated

    I trust that I would be a very capable and a worthy

    If successful and able to attend an interview, I can
    provide all the necessary documentations and certificates including medical.

    My Experience (offshore job)

    · Barge anchor handling (approximately 20 months)
    – Congo, Angola, Nigeria, Norway, Libya, Malta. Companies work with:
    Sipem, GEO Ocean

    · Jack up anchor handling (approximately 16 months)-
    Congo, Angola, Nigeria, Tunis. Companies work with: Sipem,

    · Towing operations on long voyages Nigeria –Norway –
    Italy, Turkey – Norway, Latvia – Algeria. Companies work with: Sipem, GEO
    Ocean. Last two towing operation for Comarco

    · Supply jobs (Norway, West East & North
    Africa) Companies work with: Sipem, GEO Ocean, Pride.

    · Seismic guard & chase vessel experience 3 years
    (West & East Africa, Falkland Islands, Madagascar)

    Companies work with : Sea Birth, PGS, CGG.

    · Sea Accommodation ( Caspian sea Kazakhstan) Company:

    · Chief Mate experience approximately 5 years

    AHTS Hector and Hercules full SMS; HSE on board
    and Lotus system 2nd and
    Chief Mate

    SPV Dicle( sea accommodation vessel 190
    passengers and 40 crew ) Full SMS and HSE on board Chief Mate
    for 1 months relieve Captain and take over vessel.

    Carina Offshore vessels (seismic guard chase &
    selvage boat) less then 500 GRT but full SMS and HSE on board
    with HRAC; TBM; JSA; PTW minimum 8 Drills, 4 HSE meetings and 4 crew trainings
    during a months and other. MXSuitesystem on board.

  7. Dear Sir / Madam,

    I would like to apply for a Crane Operator position.
    I’m Sparrows Stage 3 Crane Operator.

    I have 15 years of experience working at sea. I have experience as a Crane Operator-10 years (drilling, wind energy, construction), Team Leader and Deck Supervisor – 4 years (drilling), previous experience as the A.B. Boatswain-1 year (marine), part time as Excavator Driver (on shore and offshore), and due that time I have served in various type of vessels, platforms as Jack-up construction, Jack-up drilling rig, Jack-up Accommodation, Tender Assist Drilling barge, DP MPOV as Cable Layer, General Cargo vessels, Bulk Carriers. I have gained a lot of experience in deck and lifting operations , performing and supervising various types of lifts with different difficulty levels including various heavy lifts in different weather conditions, such as installation of Wind Turbines.
    I am a very motivated and. I have good practical skills to perform the tasks at the high safety standards, aware of company or client policy, coordination with various vendors and clients in regards to the cost of details. I have consistently proven my ability to handle operational and strategic levels of multiple responsibilities in crisis and pressure. Good team player.

    Thanks for your time,
    Kind regards,
    Maxim Kazachenko.

  8. Dear Prospective Employer,
    I would like to apply with your company for position of Third engineer
    fitter/welder/mechanic.- 3 engineer license receives in February 2016
    I have:
    18 years of fitter-welder- mechanic.turner-plumber.experience in shipyard/merchant fleet/passenger fleet. offshore
    industry on all type of welding equipment ( ARC welding, welding in Argon
    environment, TIG / MIG welding,
    Gas welding, Brazing );
    – Experience on semi submersible crane vessel HEEREMA 7000 (SSCV) and seismic research
    vessel,Icebreaker vessels,on DSV.
    – Welder Endorsement approved by Russian Maritime Register of Shipping
    Rules; DNV license ! and Motorman license.
    – BOSIET certificate ( NOGEPA, OPITO, OLF approved );
    – All necessary certificate according to STCW 78/95;
    – CROWD MANAGEMENT certificate;
    – Fluent English confirmed by English Language Evaluation certificate from Carnival Cruise Lines and
    MARLIN test;
    – C1/D visa; Cyprus Seaman’s book,Liberian,Panama,Marshall Islands.
    – Good PC skills and driver license.

    Hope, that my experience and enthusiasm will benefit your company.

    Best Regards. Skype – aleks.aleks95 tel. +380635981434 .

  9. Dear sir,

    Good,,,day,,,for you and all.

    Dear sir, I’m Chief officer Missawork Ahmed,I have good experience 6 year’s offshore as chief Officer.
    ( I worked in Saudi Arabia Aramco )
    my email,,, +971 55 583 3890

  10. I wish to seek employment in your esteemed Company for the post of Second / Third Engineer.
    I have attached my CV for your kind consideration.
    I have completed 21 years of sea-service in the course of my career and have ample experience, i hope to use it in your esteemed company.
    I have served since 1996 until 2010 at the Bulk Carriers Ships (Panamax ships)
    I am presently serving in the last 7 years as a (Junior Dynamic Positioning Engineer) at DP-2, Diving Support Vessel

    Thank’s and Regards,
    (Youssef Salah Borik).
    Mobile No; +201007124770

  11. Good day sir/ madam I’m applying oiler/motorman position more than 4yrs experience on AHTSS DP 1 flatform and rig mintenance operation persian gulf training certificate: basic training w/ (cop), engine watchkeeping w/ (cop), Proficiency in survival craft and rescue boat w/ (cop), able seaferer engine III/5, ship security awareness training and seafarers with designated security duties, (SD-SD) w/ (cop), marine pollution consilidated 73/78, prevention of alcohol and drug abuse in the maritime sector (padams), international safety management for ratings ( ISM), Maritime English for ratings, anti piracy awareness training, Maritime labour convention 2006 orientation, here’s my email adress: phone number. +639212300122

  12. I am sri lankan c/eng holding panama c.o.c. (unlimited), worked offshore, container, gen.cargo, bulk,
    engines; sulzer,mitsubishi,b&w,(2 storke), g.m, m.a.n., M,blackstone.(4 storke)

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