Cruise Jobs Vacancies

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Cruise Jobs Vacancies

CAUX International Group is a Certified Agency in accordance to the “Maritime Labor Convention 2006” (MLC2006) and in line with that it does not charge directly or inderctly any fee to the Candidates to apply for a job onboard a ship.

To work on a passenger cruise ship is an excellent opportunity to achieve a professional development, save money in USD, know other cultures and travel for free around the world. CAUX International Group recruits Latin-American personnel of all levels to work onboard passenger cruise ships.

Even though the work on a cruise ship has a lot of positive aspects and provides you great benefits, it is important to enphasize that it is a 7 days week job working very long hours. Moreover employees are far away from home, friends and family therefore the candidate before to apply to any cruise job must be sure and convinced of his decision.

General Information:

Start Dates: there are no specific dates to work onboard cruise ships as we conduct interviews and hire Candidates throughtout the year.
Contracts: The contract length varies depending of the position you are applying for and the Cruise Line Company. To work on a cruise ship means that you will be doing contracts of 4, 6, 9 or 10 months onboard the ship, followed by 2 month vacation off the ship at the end of the contract. The job onboard the cruise ship is hard because employees are expected to work and average of 10 hours per day 7 days a week. Cruise Line Companies usually pay for the flight ticket to board the ship and to return to the home country upon conclusion of the contract. However some companies and for certain positions it is the employee’s responsibility to afford his flight ticket to join the ship and in same cases even the return ticket to home.
Salaries: One of the advantages to work on a ship is that salaries are usually paid in cash every 15 days or once a month depending of the company policy. From onboard the ship employees can do wire transfers at a very low cost and also from most of the local banks at each port along the itinerary. Another benefit to work onboard a ship is that salaries range from USD600 to USD5500 per month free of taxes and expenses depending on the position and the Cruise Line.
Uniforms and Working Tools: At the begining of the contract Cruise Line companies provide all necessary uniforms and working tools needed to perform the job. Therefore it is not necessary to bring any tools onboard (Chefs) neither working clothes except for the personal use one. Certain positions has the benefit of free laundry service onbaord the ship.
Meals and Accommodation: One of the main benefits to work on a cruise ship is that both meals and accommodation are provided by the company free of charge. Regarding the accommodation, crew cabins are shared between 2 people (on some older ships and for certain positions cabin are shared between 4 people) are they are fully furnished with private toilet with basin and shower, small closet, desk, TV, DVD and Minibar. Supervisory and Managerial positions are entitled to a single cabin.

Employment Requirements:

The employment requirements mainly denepend on the position you are willing to apply with some differences between the cruise line comapnies. In any case the main requirements are the following:

To have a conversational english level. This requirements is higher for positions in direct contact with the guests and for supervisory and managerial positions.
To have previous work experience in the position you are applying for either at 4/5 star hotels or restaurants.
To be over 21 years old (for some specific positions the minimum is 20 years).
To be in a good health.
To be able to apply for the US Visa (type C1/D).
Documentation required:

If your experience matches with the profile the company is looking for then you will be required to present the following documents:

Copy of you Passport which must be valid for the entire duration of your contract (there is no need to have your passport to apply).
To present at least 2 reference letters, job certificates or performance reviews from previous employers (preferably written in english).
Fotocopy of Diploma from Terciary School or University.
Police Record Certificate.
4 Certificates of the Basic Safety Training ain accordance to the STCW ( This requirement does not apply to every cruise line and in case to do not have them the candidate can do the course in a few days at different authorized trainning schools.
Other certificates that may be important to the performance of the job.

current vacancies: Commis,  Asst. Pastry Cook, Demi Chef de Partie, Sous Chef, Chef Tournant, Ex. Sous Chef Seafood, Asst. Cook, Pastry Cook, Teppanyaki Cook, Chef de Cusine, Restaurant Host/ess, Asst. Waiter, Waiter, Restaurant Steward, Asst. Housekeeper, Second Stweard, HR Manager…

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  1. Good Day Sir! I am a fresh graduate from national merchant marine school , Perú. I already finished the basic courses/training of your preference. I also have a passport, seaman’s book, yellow fever vaccine. I am very interested in joining your crew as a Deck Cadet though I don’t have any sea-service experience yet, I know that I will be able to grow as a fine seafarer under your wing. Please feel free to contact me. You can reach me through this number +511961024761 or email me at I am looking forward to be a part of your brilliant company. Thank you.

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