Deck Cadet, AB, OS for Offshore Vessel

Feb 1, 2017 | | 50 comments
Deck Cadet, AB, OS for Offshore Vessel

Position: AB

Vessel: AHTS

Region: ARAMCO

Description and requirements: Urgent! AB – AHTS DP2 – 55 USD p/d.
12 months of Sea Services on Offshore AHTS/AHT vessels;

Salary: 55 USD p/d

Embarkation: asap


Position: OS

Vessel: AHTS

Region: ARAMCO

Description and requirements: Urgent! OS – AHTS DP2 – 45 USD p/d.
12 months of Sea Services on Offshore AHTS/AHT vessels;

Salary: 45 USD p/d

Embarkation: asap


Position: Deck Cadet

Vessel: AHTS

Region: ARAMCO

Description and requirements: Urgent! Deck Cadet – AHTS DP2 – 60 USD p/d.
12 months of Sea Services on Offshore AHTS/AHT vessels;

Salary: 60 USD p/d

Embarkation: asap

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50 Responses

  1. Dear Sir/Madam,
    I would like to apply for Deck Cadet position.
    Motivated, energetic, fluent in both Polish and English,
    I graduated from Gdynia (Poland) Maritime University, Faculty of Navigation.
    I only need few more courses to become on OOW and this will be also great opportunity to start my future with your company.
    I may be contacted at my email:

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Yours faithfully,
    Michał Pasek

  2. Hi,
    I am Ivan Domić, from Croatia.
    I am looking for a job. Applied for a deck cadet, i finished maritime school. I hope that you have some opportunity for me. I will be very glade to work for your company. Kind Regards!
    E mail:
    Mobile phone: +385958907391

  3. Good day

    I am Junior officer/AB experienced in offshore dredging and marine construction.
    I ready to hard work, do not have bad habits.
    I am reliable, serious, loyal and responsible candidate with good
    ability to learn fast.
    I have experience with navigation equipment,
    Anchor handling operation, Banksman/Slinger Rigging & lifting,
    Towing,deployment buoy, Crew Transfer, crane operator(30t).
    Support Cutter and Hopper Dredgers.
    I have good reference.
    I have Schengen visa.
    Thank you very much for your time and interest to my cv.
    Best regards
    Sviatoslav Bondarenko

  4. Gabriel Iulian, Lichinteanu
    Phone number: +40 721 540845
    E-mail address:
    Address: 6th Suite, 55 Nucului St, Brasov,
    500306, Brasov, Romania

    To whom may it concern,

    I would like to express my interest for the Apprentice Deck Officer position that is currently available through your line and have attached my resume for you.

    I have a Marine Deck Officer degree and want to start my career with your Company and understand to do this I must start at the bottom and work my way up. I take great pride in my performance by managing with a high-energy positive approach to produce results. By working hands on alongside I help in providing a positive work environment that is not only great to work in but recognized by my customers and peers by supporting a people first environment. I am strong and can handle storing cargo, handling gear, working with the rigging and running any other errands that are required of me. I understand that I will be required to preserve the paint on the ship along with any maintenance. I do not have a problem being away from home for extended periods of time as I know this is also a part of the job.

    I am a quick learner and can pick up new concepts and tasks very quickly and would like to begin my training as an apprentice officer as soon as possible. I am ready for the challenge and am prepared to work as many hours as necessary to make my dream come true.

    I am physically able to handle the challenges of life on a ship and have worked several years on cruise line vessels as auxiliary personnel so I know that being on water is not a problem for me. As per STCW 2010 Amendments I have the following proficiency certificates Proficiency in Personal Survival Techniques/ Proficiency in Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting / Proficiency in Advanced Fire Fighting / Proficiency in Survival Craft and Rescue Boats (other than Fast Rescue Boats) / Proficiency in Fast Rescue Boats / Security Awareness / Passenger & Ro-Ro Ships.

    I would appreciate the opportunity to further discuss my future career goals and my experience with you. You can contact me at any time by calling +40 721 540845.

    Gabriel Iulian, Lichinteanu

  5. Hi,
    I am Sharmaine Sauquillo,
    I am looking for a job. Applied for a deck cadet, I am hard working with positive outlook and I can communicate to different person with respect and diligent. I hope that you have some opportunity for me. I will be very glade to work for your company. Kind Regards!
    E mail:

  6. Hi
    My name is Vladimir Rosero Jara I’m deck officer with 5 years of experience I worked like security and navigational officer I’m looking for a job also like a cadet I have DP basic all my courses are update I speak English, Spanish and Portuguese.
    Kind regards

  7. Hi,
    My name is Akinboboye Adegbuyi. I am a deck cadet. I have my STCW from a school in India and my HND SQA certificate from United Kingdom. I will like to work as a deck cadet on board your ship. Please mail me via my email address below…


  8. Dear Sir/Madam
    I really interested for this job , I have aramco experience and i have been worked with seismic my email and phone number as below :
    Phone: +6282299792695
    Complete stcw 2010 , valid rigger , and T-huet

  9. Dear sir,
    I intendend to apply for a job in our company as a crew. I have strong motivation, compentency capable to work under pressure and on team work. I’m ready to be planned on board which determined by the company offer. I hope you will serious to consider my application. And I Ordinary seaman position from Indonesia. Certificates of proficiency rating forming part of navigational watch. Here bellow my complete data:
    Seafarer code : 6211573361
    Seaman book number : E 104601
    Passport : B5829652
    Place/Date of Birth : Kediri, 09 March 1997
    Nationally : Indonesia
    Sex : Male
    Marital status : Single
    Religion : Moslem
    Mobile phone : 081230858859
    E-mail :

  10. hellow sir.I AM MAMUKA JAKELI FROM Georgia,sity Batymi.i have good experiense o as on the tanker,,dvt160 000 as also cargo ship.i know russian,turkish and inglish language.i can send all my sertificates by the emai.i have also COS.
    my email +995595903507 it is mobie.thankce in advance

  11. I am Jibral (bosun) from indonesia,I was at ahts/supply boat more ten years.I interested to joint with your email mobile;+62 821 6243 9626.thank u for attention and your kindly.have anice day

  12. Hello, I’m searching for job in offshore fleet, ready to work as deck cadet. I have 12 month of experience as deck cadet on AHTS vessel; 2010 year of built. Nationality: russian with fluent english and proper pronunciation. I also worked as deck cadet on general cargo vessel (German company; Gibraltar flag; 2006) and recieved recommendation to be promoted to navigator. Jun. off. Marlins- 87%. Navigator, GMDSS general operator and all certificates are valid and scanned. I also have experience in keeping navigational watches without supervision, correction of charts and publications, plotting, operating with radar, ECDIS, GMDSS equipment, perfomed reports to different coastal stations, worked with publications, participated in shipyard vessel maintenance works. Got used to hard and, often, night work. Please, in case you are interested, contact me by mobile phone, number of wich is given in my profile or by e- mail.
    Thank you for considering my application. Sincerely, Yevgeny

  13. interest to joint we have expirience for ahts
    my position able seaman you can call my phone for interviw +6281333228044

  14. I’m Seaman from Ukraine and I’m looking for a job. I have good experience with AHTS, PSV and MPSV vessels.
    From 2014 as DPO/2nd Mate on AHTS DP-2 as Officer. I have been engaged in rig move and anchor handling operations in North Sea. Almost all time in offshore I have been working in DP charters, so I have experience in DP operations. I’ve also got good navigation, radio communication, and security/safety skills.
    Valid all necessary STCW certificates and others.
    I’m ready to go in any time.
    I Will be very glad to have any opportunity for a job with you 🙂
    Best Regards Yukhnenko Gennadiy

  15. Good morning,
    I am Polish AB who living in Philippines. I have experience in the AHT, AHTS, DSV, jackup barges, tankers. My previous company was Urag International, Hartmann Offshore. I looking for job, because unfortunatly my previous vessel was sold. I am hardworking and resourceful worker, who doesn’t afraid of new challenges. I have also skills as AB/Cook, worked almost one year on small tanker for Bibby Ship Management. I’m sure I can offer best work performance from my side to your company. Cellphone:(+63) 9063502574

  16. Hi I’m second mate with DP basic I can start like a cadet in offshore position I have experience in container and bulk carrier vessels

  17. I’m followed deck rating cause and pass the exam and took da CDC I’M looling for trainng os this my first tour

  18. Hi good day ma’am/sir, Archiemedez D. Villame, im applying as able seaman with OIC license and i have 4years experience for
    Offshore AHTS, im willing to join your company anytime.allow me to live may number +639158656448 and email: so that you can reach me anytime at your convenience. Looking forward for your positive response. Thank you.

  19. Good afternoon sir.I’m looking for a job in position Deck Cadet or Junior off. Have experience on Bulk carrier and passenger vessels. Finished maritime academy on position navigation off. Also have endorsement third off. and everything required certificates. have skills computers. I’m hard-working, communicable, friendly

    Consider my candidacy and send CV from E-mail
    CeGood afternoon sir.I’m looking for a job in position Deck Cadet or Junior off. Have experience on Bulk carrier and passenger vessels. Finished maritime academy on position navigation off. Also have endorsement third off. and everything required certificates. have skills computers. I’m hard-working, communicable, friendly

    Consider my candidacy and send CV from E-mail
    Cell phone: +380984345395
    Best Regards Stanislav Burka

  20. Good Day!
    Dear Employer,
    My name is Chornyi Vladyslav.I am intrested the Ordinary Seaman position.
    I’m from Izmail (Ukraine) I have been working at sea for 2 years.

    Email Skype Vlad0671248579

  21. Hello, my name is Andrioae Stefan Gabriel, I am from Romania, I have certificates for Deck Officer and I would like to apply for a job as a Deck Cadet. I have 12 months experience on AHTS DP 2 and PSV DP 1 as Deck Cadet. I would like to colaborate with your company.
    Best regards.
    tel.(Mobile): +40761724947


    Hello my name is Vadim Gorishneak, i am a student of National University “Odessa Maritime Academy”. I would like to apply for a job as a Deck Cadet. I was doing my sea apprenticeship on sea-tug in port of Odessa. I’m ready to go in any time. I can easily open an American visa and make additional certificates. Always ready to learn and obtain new experience.Good knowledge of English,Russian and Romanian languages.
    Best regards.
    tel: +380631553750

  23. hello my name is Ronel Bryan B. Lapastora i am Filipino with 4years exprience A/B in SSV DP2 vessel from company bourbon and 4years exprience in PSV DP1 vessel i would like to apply to your good company and vessels.
    Hope for your positive reply to my email and godbless,

    tel: +639124567044

  24. Helow good morning im willing to apply as os on your good company.i have an xperience as dect cadet and os in bulk carrier.pls contact me this number.09070228835

  25. Good day sir/ma’am I am a/b joemel Selgas I would like to apply in your good company as a/b I’m still onboard if you needed me just call my number +639186808550/+639496946963 thank you………

  26. Good day sir/ma’am I am joemel Selgas I’m still working at offshore company boskalis and still onboard at ahts vessel thanks joemel Selgas.

  27. Dear Sir or Madam,
    Right after my ‘Logistic Technical School” I have started my carrier on a bulk carrier with 5 months contract duration in deck department as an OS/CLN. After that I have graduated Gdynska Szkola Morska in Gdynia, and made 2 more contracts on similar cargo ships, but this time gaining there much more experience than for the first time, including crane driving and navigational watch. At this moment I have done my 12 month practise, but I am still looking for job position as an OS or another suitable deck position, to get some more experience before I will apply as an 3rd officer.
    English skills – very good
    German skills – communicative
    Polish skills – native language

    I am in possesion of all required documents, including US visa

    Hoping for positive decision of Yours,
    Warm Greetings

  28. Very eager to learn. Good people skills,i have my us passport as well as a mmc and twic card. Just trying to get in the field phone number:9048038125. THANKS…. Also my mmc contains ordinary seaman, wiper, and steward department ( f.c.)

  29. Looking for an opportunity to begin a career in the Maritime Industry. I am a hard worker, I learn things very quickly and willing to do what it takes to complete the job at hand. I have great people skills very easy to get along with as well as follow instructions well. I have my MMC(OS,Wiper, SD), TWIC and Passport all of which are current. Currently available and eager to lean! Phone:7573832827

  30. Dear sir or madam

    My name is Naing Aung from Myanmar.I have 24 mount experience on DP 2 offshore Vessel with O/S.I would like to join your Email address is “´´.

  31. Im enterested in that position required to your company as deck cadet or ordinary seaman. My Email: elvis_hipulan@yahoo.con, and i will sent my CV and Certificate & travel documents to u, a soon as posible that i will recieve your response, thank you.

  32. I am a deck cadet and just graduated from college, in Romania. I am looking forward to this job and I will be more than greatful and very excited. I am very ambitious and I am looking to grow and gain experience. I am looking forward for your reply.
    Have a nice day!

  33. hello,
    my name is Yilberto Jose Lucena Escalona
    i do not have experience onboard.
    i would like job in you company.
    i student maritime engineering at Maritime University of caribbean.
    my email:
    best regard


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