Deck and Engineering Officer

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Deck and Engineering Officer

Deck Officer
The officers from this branch primarily look after the ships navigation, loading/unloading of cargo and the general maintenance and administration of the ship. The officer joins in the rank of 3rd officer and is subsequently promoted to the rank of 2nd officer, Chief Officer and finally the Master of the ship.

Engineering Officer
These are the officers who are qualified in Marine Engineering. They join as 4th Engineer and step by step, get promoted to 3rd, 2nd and Chief Engineer, subject to their passing the competency exams and performance onboard the ship. The Engineering department in addition to looking after the main engine,& also responsible for associated equipment like power generationequipment, cargo pumps and air-conditioning etc.

There are three kinds of ratings – deck, engine room and catering. Deck rating is responsible for cargo handling, mooring/unmooring and general maintenance of the ship. Similarly the engine room ratings assist the engineering officers in maintenance and operation of engines and associated equipment. The catering crew consists of Steward and Cooks.

The Merchant Navy offers a career like no other. Not only does it offer excellent remuneration and promotional opportunities, but also tremendous scope for adventure and travel. The Merchant Navy is a non-combatant commercial fleet, which deals with transporting cargo and, occasionally, passengers, by sea. The Merchant Navy fleet includes cargo ships, container ships, barge carrying ships, tankers, bulk carriers, refrigerator ships, passenger ships as well as ro/ro ships. The commercial purpose of the fleet offers lucrative openings for engineers and navigators. The work of many other professionals and support staff required on board, for a sailing vessel. Among all developing countries, India ranks as one of the countries having the largest Merchant shipping fleets. Therefore, there is enough scope for employment in Indian as well as foreign ships.

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  1. Good Morning
    I’m 3rd Officer Ukraine seaman, with experience 7 years at container ship.
    last 4 ships: Maersk Stralsund 8500 TEU
    Maersk Sheerness 8500 TEU
    Maersk Seoul 8500 TEU
    Maersk Santana 8500 TEU
    mail: mob: +380504680196

  2. Good Morning
    i recently got COC for MEO class 4. I am a Indian coc holder. Last i did one cadet ship for 6month under MAERSK Line. Now searching any company for junior engineer or fourth engineer

  3. Dear sir,madum i interest like to join as 3rd engg.for cargo/oil/gas /chemical/car carrier.i compete my sea prictice in 6 month.i am fresher.i cimpleted my marine in MFABD.

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