Mst, CO, 2O, 3O, CE, 2E, 3E, ETO

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Mst, CO, 2O, 3O, CE, 2E, 3E, ETO

Join date: Between Feb-Sep 2016
Duration of contract: 4 months / 2 months
Vessel’s Type: Container Ship
English Level: Fluently

Job description

Experience:exp on container vessels above 10000TEU
Additional requirements:Very good English

Vessel description:

C and RTFlex eng
Sailing area: Worldwide
Contract duration: 4 months
Pay: T&C available at MNR
Boarding date: Current

Additional information After a very successful 8 months of intensive recruitment for UASC we have an excellent pool of 100 officers employed by UASC.
As we still have 6 vessels due to be delivered.

Due to the high tech nature of their vessels, UASC is sponsoring additional training related to MAN ME and RT-Flex engines, as the vessels are over 18000 TEUs, large ship handling simulator courses are being arranged for the deck department in the UK, Dubai Singapore and Poland.

We would like to invite European officers who would be keen to join this expanding company. UASC operates a fleet of container vessels in the 13500-19000TEU range.

We would like to invite the officers with below mentioned experience:

Mst & C/O 11000 TEU and above
2/O 9700 TEU and above
3/O 6000 TEU and above
C/E with large vessel experience and MAN ME engine
2/E with large vessel experience with MAN ME & RT-Flex engine
3/E with MAN ME or RT-Flex engine
ETO HV, container with ME engine

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