Need Master, Chief Engineer, Deck Officers, Engineer Officer, Cadet

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Need Master, Chief Engineer, Deck Officers, Engineer Officer, Cadet

With a fleet of more than 22 vessels under full and crew management, VSD Offshore Malaysia Sdn Bhd offers excellent career opportunities for capable and ambitious seafarers. 

Our vessels operate to the highest marine industry standards and we have a clear policy with regard to safety, pollution and damage: no accidents – no pollution – no damage.

Due to our high onboard standards, we offer a very safe working environment and excellent living conditions.

As Master you represent the company onboard and are at all times ultimately responsible for the vessel’s safety and operations. Besides excellent navigational and operational abilities and good seafaring practice, your primary leadership role aboard your vessel requires you to demonstrate the following qualities:
1. you must be able to build up and lead a good team
2. you are the link between vessel, company and charterer and therefore you must be capable of communicating very well with crew and officers and between ship and shore in an authoritative way
3. you are responsible for our quality system being implemented and followed by all on board.
4. At the same time you are required to remain firm but fair with a good understanding of human nature and its limitations. 
Futhermore, as Master you are expected to be supportive of your crew and to take an active interest in their personal and professional development.
Chief Engineer

As Chief Engineer you command the engine room and are responsible to the Master for the safe, efficient and cost-effective operation and maintenance of all engine and deck machinery and associated systems. You are also in charge of safety and prevention of pollution in the engine room. 
The reporting of investigated deficiencies in your department with an evaluation of the situation and suggestions for corrective action to the Master and the company is another important part of your duties. We expect you to possess excellent technical knowledge, competent computer skills and the ability to lead a multinational team with authority.
Deck Officers

As Deck Officer you are expected to show the professional skills required onboard in the deck departments. You need to be familiar with all operations on deck as well as with the supervision of all maintenance and repair work. 
You are required to keep safe navigational and deck watch and to execute special tasks such as voyage planning, medical care, maintenance of all life-saving and fire-fighting equipment as well as the preparation and execution of all safety tools according to flag state and our own quality system requirements. 
A major part of your duties will be to train the onboard crew with respect to their safety. In addition, it is important that you have a good general and academic education, show clear leadership skills and are ambitious to learn, as it is our policy to recruit in-house as much as possible for senior positions.
Engineer Officer

As Engineer Officer you are responsible for the efficient running of the vessel at all times. You must have the technical know-how and experience to keep all onboard machinery in good working condition and to maintain all technical equipment according to the manufacturer’s and company’s instructions. 
You must also be able to demonstrate the theoretical knowledge necessary to detect and analyse possible deficiencies in any equipment in order to avoid serious and costly damage in advance, as well as to guarantee its safe operation for the crew. 
As Engineer Officer you are required to be familiar with all safety procedures and measures for pollution prevention and to be able to guide your team in safe working practices. 
Authoritative leadership and excellent skills in the supervision of multinational teams are key requirements for this post.

As a young, modern ship management company VSD Offshore Malaysia Sdn Bhd aims to invest in the future by educating cadets. Investing in the future means building up a pool of qualified Junior Officers to cover our need for personnel driven by future fleet expansion. 
 VSD Offshore Malaysia Sdn Bhd intends to create a pool of qualified Junior Officers who have grown and developed within the company and thus have an in-depth understanding of our corporate culture and also a profound knowledge of our company procedures. 
As a Cadet you will be enrolled in our Maritime Academy training programme. This gives you an excellent basis for your career within the company. 
During your time onboard VSD Offshore Malaysia Sdn Bhd provide practical training in good seamanship and officer’s duties – as well as pay you a salary! In addition, the company will support your professional studies.

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