Need Master, Chief Engineer, Deck Officers, Engineer Officer, Cadet

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Need Master, Chief Engineer, Deck Officers, Engineer Officer, Cadet

With a fleet of more than 22 vessels under full and crew management, VSD Offshore Malaysia Sdn Bhd offers excellent career opportunities for capable and ambitious seafarers. 

Our vessels operate to the highest marine industry standards and we have a clear policy with regard to safety, pollution and damage: no accidents – no pollution – no damage.

Due to our high onboard standards, we offer a very safe working environment and excellent living conditions.

As Master you represent the company onboard and are at all times ultimately responsible for the vessel’s safety and operations. Besides excellent navigational and operational abilities and good seafaring practice, your primary leadership role aboard your vessel requires you to demonstrate the following qualities:
1. you must be able to build up and lead a good team
2. you are the link between vessel, company and charterer and therefore you must be capable of communicating very well with crew and officers and between ship and shore in an authoritative way
3. you are responsible for our quality system being implemented and followed by all on board.
4. At the same time you are required to remain firm but fair with a good understanding of human nature and its limitations. 
Futhermore, as Master you are expected to be supportive of your crew and to take an active interest in their personal and professional development.
Chief Engineer

As Chief Engineer you command the engine room and are responsible to the Master for the safe, efficient and cost-effective operation and maintenance of all engine and deck machinery and associated systems. You are also in charge of safety and prevention of pollution in the engine room. 
The reporting of investigated deficiencies in your department with an evaluation of the situation and suggestions for corrective action to the Master and the company is another important part of your duties. We expect you to possess excellent technical knowledge, competent computer skills and the ability to lead a multinational team with authority.
Deck Officers

As Deck Officer you are expected to show the professional skills required onboard in the deck departments. You need to be familiar with all operations on deck as well as with the supervision of all maintenance and repair work. 
You are required to keep safe navigational and deck watch and to execute special tasks such as voyage planning, medical care, maintenance of all life-saving and fire-fighting equipment as well as the preparation and execution of all safety tools according to flag state and our own quality system requirements. 
A major part of your duties will be to train the onboard crew with respect to their safety. In addition, it is important that you have a good general and academic education, show clear leadership skills and are ambitious to learn, as it is our policy to recruit in-house as much as possible for senior positions.
Engineer Officer

As Engineer Officer you are responsible for the efficient running of the vessel at all times. You must have the technical know-how and experience to keep all onboard machinery in good working condition and to maintain all technical equipment according to the manufacturer’s and company’s instructions. 
You must also be able to demonstrate the theoretical knowledge necessary to detect and analyse possible deficiencies in any equipment in order to avoid serious and costly damage in advance, as well as to guarantee its safe operation for the crew. 
As Engineer Officer you are required to be familiar with all safety procedures and measures for pollution prevention and to be able to guide your team in safe working practices. 
Authoritative leadership and excellent skills in the supervision of multinational teams are key requirements for this post.

As a young, modern ship management company VSD Offshore Malaysia Sdn Bhd aims to invest in the future by educating cadets. Investing in the future means building up a pool of qualified Junior Officers to cover our need for personnel driven by future fleet expansion. 
 VSD Offshore Malaysia Sdn Bhd intends to create a pool of qualified Junior Officers who have grown and developed within the company and thus have an in-depth understanding of our corporate culture and also a profound knowledge of our company procedures. 
As a Cadet you will be enrolled in our Maritime Academy training programme. This gives you an excellent basis for your career within the company. 
During your time onboard VSD Offshore Malaysia Sdn Bhd provide practical training in good seamanship and officer’s duties – as well as pay you a salary! In addition, the company will support your professional studies.

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30 Responses

  1. Dear Sir / Madame,

    My name is Agata and I am looking for a job as deck cadet. I am currently complete third year of study in Gdynia Maritime University in faculty of navigation, specialization: maritime transport. All STCW certificates are valid. Marine experience: almost 4 months aboard m/v “Horyzont II” as deck cadet. References and all additional information are available on my CV and letter of application.

    phone number: +48 721 332 572

    Thank you for your time and consideration.
    Agata Piekarska

  2. Dear Sir,
    I am 2nd Officer/DPO with offshore experience, more than 4 years, vsl DP2.
    Looking for opportunity be a paart of great company.
    Please contact with me

    Kind regards
    Deep Sea Navigator

  3. Good day,

    I would like to apply for a third officer job, I am 2nd officer/JDPO with experience in crude oil tankers, Suezmaxes and VLCC. I have DP Basic Course. Currently looking for a job as 2nd officer or 3rd officer.

    Please contact me :
    +507 6611 6099

  4. Hello Sir,I am a Deck cadet.Done the BFSc Nautical Science 4 years degree course and completed stcw 2010.And I have DP 2 cable ship offshore experience of 25 months..please consider my application and let me know further details to or call me +919895611004 +919497085755

  5. Hello sir I would be interested in the job for officer engineer if possible in any rank. I have certification of a chief engineer and 15 years experience of service in navy armed forces of Egypt.
    I’m 33 year’s old and have a master degree.
    My number: 00201010907090
    Email :

  6. Hi sir, i’m searching for engine cadet vacancy, i have completed my B.Tech marine engg last at 2014, i can’t give service charge to agents, please some one give me any job alerts

  7. Hello, my name is Basov Vasiliy, i looking for a E/Cadet vacancy, i graduated Marine School №3 in Odessa(Ukraine)
    I have work expirience on tug and general cargo ship in E/Cadet rank. Have promotion to rank MTRM. My number 0037124115101, email: , skype: vlds1624

  8. Dear Sir or Madam,

    I’m looking for a job in position of the third mate. I have Russian Makarov University education and seagoing experience from 2009 year. I’m a crane operator with valid certificates.
    If you have any questions please, give a call or mail me.

    Best Regards,
    Vlad Petrakov.

  9. Dear Sirs,
    It is with a great deal of interest and enthusiasm I present to you my enclosed resume. Throughout my career, I have committed myself to a high standard of maritime operations that has achieved measurable results in contributing to operational productivity, safety and profitability.

    Highlights of my qualifications include:
    Ø Strategic thinker and planner, skilled in the support and execution of effective international maritime operations programs, processes and procedures.
    Ø Consistent, well-organized, and dependable performer with the flexibility to adapt to constantly shifting priorities and operational demands.
    Ø Demonstrated ability to continually improve processes, analyze complex issues, and develop solutions for port and maritime environments.
    Ø Ensure strict and complete regulatory compliance during all operations.
    Currently, I am seeking a new association with a company that can benefit from my expertise as a dynamic, results-driven Surfer Pilot (Master 500GT STCW A II/3). My multifaceted background in international maritime operations, port operations, international logistics, shipping/import coordination, and safety program compliance, coupled with proven working and organizational skills, would make me a valuable asset to your company. Furthermore, I have demonstrated the skills to support successful maritime operations, while constantly working to improve efficiency in both resource and personnel issues.

    I am confident in my ability to make an immediate and long-term contribution to (your esteem company). I would welcome an opportunity to meet with you to discuss my qualifications and candidacy in further detail.
    With respect and consideration,
    PS: For your information , please note that I am currently working for PROMAR Geneve (multiple missions in Gabon , Congo and Angola). For any informations my phone number is 00.40.723.648617
    PPS: Attached below , please find a mail received from BP Inspectors after my contribution in obtaining a new contract for PROMAR:
    “Good day all,

    I would like to thank Capt Nor Dragu and his teams on the Mamolinos for their willingness to do the necessary to insure a smooth transition into our fleet. We look forward to a good relationship with them.



    Brett Currence
    Marine advisor,
    BP Angola

    Sonils Base B, Luanda, Angola”

  10. Good Day, Dear Sir or Madam,
    I’m looking for a positions of 3rd/Junior Officer or Deck Cadet on Offshore Fleet. I’m a cadet of Odessa Maritime Academy, receiving a degree of Master of Navigation. I have all diplomas and certificates required by STCW for the Officer of the Watch. My previous experience is : 2 contracts as Deck Cadet on pusher-tug, 1 contract as Deck Cadet on General Cargo vessel and 2 contracts in position of Trainee Navigation Officer on Bulk Carriers (DWT=63500).
    Contact details:
    Tel. (mobile): +380934597825
    Looking hearing from You.
    Best Regards K.Kirov.

  11. Hi,
    I am Ivan Domić, from Croatia.
    I am looking for a job. Applied for a deck cadet, i finished maritime school. I hope that you have some opportunity for me. I will be very glade to work for your company. Kind Regards!!

  12. Hello my name is omar sattar i am looking for an engine cadet or oiler or seaman vacancy
    And i would be honored by joining your prestigious company here is my cv
    Omar sattar
    Personal statement
    I am a marine eng. student at the Arab academy for science, technology and maritime transport with excellent communication and research skills I worked at alhokair fashion retail before college as a sales assistant
    Then as a marine student I learned to be punctual and to follow protocol. I am a team player and have great social skills
    I am young and eager to learn and work
    I have undertaken practical training at the college in marine eng., thermodynamics and diesel studied on 2 stroke and 4 stroke marine diesel engines
    I have undertaken chemistry practical training in college and IGCSE chemistry AS
    Completely capable of using computers and creating databases certified by the IGCSE and practiced programming in college
    I studied practically and theoretically in college:
    Material science
    Mathematics 1’2’3’4
    Naval architecture and ship construction
    Technical report writing
    Mechanical eng. Drawing
    Eng drawing & projection
    Manufacturing process
    Maritime law
    Heat transfer
    Engineering mechanics 1’2
    Mechanics of materials

    I am also certified in
    “Personal survival techniques and search and rescue”
    “Fire prevention and fire fighting”
    “Medical emergency basic training (elementary first aid)”
    “Security awareness training for seafarers with designated duties (ISPS code)”

    Personal information
    Name Omar Mohamed Abdul sattar
    Gender male
    Nationality Egyptian
    City Alexandria
    Residency permit kingdom of Saudi Arabia
    Passports Egyptian passport
    Seaman’s passport
    Date of birth Nov / 25 / 1995
    Mobile +201159188003

  13. Good afternoon,

    My name is Stipe Harasic , Croatian , Master on AHTS vessels since 2006.
    If You have open position for master I will be intrested

  14. Hello, my name is Andrioae Stefan Gabriel, I am from Romania, I would like to apply for a job as a Deck Officer or Deck Cadet. I have 12 months experience on AHTS DP 2 and PSV DP 1 as Deck Cadet. I would like to colaborate with your company.

    Best regards.

    tel.(Mobile): +40761724947

  15. hello, my name is Yilberto Lucena,
    Deck Cadet,
    age 25 years old
    i’am from venezuela,
    i study at Maritime University of caribbean,
    i do not have experience onboard,
    i would like to apply for a job as a Deck.
    my email:
    my mobile +584121536401
    best regard

  16. Iam Jafar Pelu Master Marine,44 years old,natiinality indonesia.
    I have good experienced for AHTS and supply vessel.
    Please let me join with your good company.
    Mobile: +6281283730369
    Thank you very much…

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