Offshore vacancies

Sep 12, 2016 | | 3 comments
Offshore vacancies
Master on AHTS Vessel AHTS DPI
Rotation 3 month on/off (permanent)
Age max 50
2nd Master SDPO Rank : 2ND MASTER SDPO / Full DP require
Vessel AHTS DP2 2016 yob
Permanent Contract rotation 3 month on/off
Experience : Should have LAST 2 year sailing rank experience in Tanker Lifting and Sratic Towing
Age Max 45
Duration : 3 months on/off (permanent contract)
Age: less than 40 years
Certification : Full DP unlimited cert with more than 200 hours recorded in DP logbook after receiving Full DP ticket
Experience : Should have RANK EXPERIENCE LAST 2 years on AHTS doing Tanker Lifting and Static Towing. Vessel’s operations: Tanker Lifting / Static towing
DPO on DSV Rank 2O DPO
Full DP Require
Vessel DSV
Rotation 6 weeeks on/off
El. Engineer for AHTS Rank : ETO
Vessel AHTS
Permanent Contract 3/3 mos
Experience : Should have good rank experience (around 2 years) on Offshore vessels
El.Eng – 3 Eng for RSV Require El.Eng – 3 Engineer
Candidate must be in possession of both licences (Elec. Engineer + mechanical engineer) and must be a non smoker.
Contract duration : 3 months.
Area : EU

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  1. hi..good morning I see on your attachment browsing need chief engineer with AHTS vessel experience here it I am interesting with your vacancy if possible can apply My CV for more detail ( need your email address please 0

  2. DPO/2nd Officer, C/O Unlimited COC, full DP, OPITO BOSIET, 3500 hrs Kongsberg SDP22. Ready to join.

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