Vacancies at Marstaff

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Vacancies at Marstaff

Conteiner, 1.512-9.178 TEU, No open positions, 8.429$, Owner CPO,4 months.

Chief Officer
Conteiner, 1.512-9.178 TEU, Permanent, 6.541$,Owner CPO, 4 months.

2nd Officer
Conteiner, 1.512-9.178 TEU, Permanent, 3.906$,Owner CPO, 4 months.

3rd Officer
Conteiner, 1.512-9.178 TEU, No open position, 3.599$,Owner CPO, 4 months.

Chief Engineer
Conteiner, 1.512-9.178 TEU, Permanent, 8.315$,Owner CPO, 4 months.

2nd Engineer
Conteiner, 1.512-14.000 TEU, Permanent, 2 open positions for Jul 2014, 6.540$,Owner CPO, 4 months.

3rd Engineer
Conteiner, 1.512-9.178 TEU, No open positions, 3.906$, Owner CPO, 4 months. Also for experienced 3rd engineers with the diploma of 2nd engineers permanently in force “Promotion on board” program. Russian: Постоянно действует программа для опытных 3х механиков с документами 2го механика “Promotion on board”.

Conteiner, 1.512-9.178 TEU, Permanent, 5.500$,Owner CPO, 4 months.

Conteiner, 1.512-9.178 TEU, no open positions, 3.439$, Owner CPO, 4 months with possible promotion to ETO after 6-8 weeks onboard.Reefer Trouble Shooting courses are required. Please call for details 048-7856853.

Conteiner, 1.512-9.178 TEU, No open positions, 1.805$ + extra o/t 5,94 per hour, Owner CPO, 4 months. Highly recomended to have registry certificate (even out of date) and certificate of oiler (motorman). Russian: Наличие регистрового сертификата (пусть даже просроченного) и документов моториста крайне желательно.

Conteiner, 1.512-9.178 TEU, Permanent, 1.200-1.500$,Owner CPO, 4 months.

Conteiner, 1.512-9.178 TEU, No open positions, 1.805$ + extra o/t 5,94 per hour, Owner CPO, 4 months. Must be able make cooking for phillippinos. Russian: Знание филиппинской кухни.

Conteiner, 1.512-14.000 TEU, Permanent, 853$, Cadet program for electricians is round the year and valid for all maritime colleges and institutions of Ukraine. Russian: Рады сообщить, что кадетская программа для электромехаников стала круглогодичной и распространяется на все морские учебные заведения Украины.

Engine Cadet
Conteiner, 1.512-14.000 TEU, No open position, 853$.

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4 Responses

  1. Dear Sir or Madam,

    I’m looking for a job in position of the third mate. I have Russian Makarov University education and seagoing experience from 2009 year. I have a crane operator certificate and experience as well.

    If you have any questions please, give a call or mail me.

    Best Regards,

    Vlad Petrakov.


  2. Hi,

    Please consider me for Deck Cadet / Seaman For any position at your Ship.



    Whatsapp: +34 632002724

  3. Good day sir! my name is azhar mas, id like to apply as deck cadet, im a simple man who love work hard!. im from indonesia and now im studying at “stimar” indonesia maritime academy. please contact me via email: or by phone: +6281218782547

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