Working with DEME

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Working with DEME

The quality of our work is determined largely by the quality of our people. People and people management are therefore at the heart of our Group. In order to achieve our ambitions we attract and develop a highly talented group of people. At the end of 2013, DEME employed some 4,300 people of over 65 nationalities, making DEME a truly multicultural group.

As a global solutions provider in the marine construction industry, DEME offers vacancies on board of our vessels, on site for international projects, at our headquarters in Belgium or other offices worldwide.

DEME offers you a working environment where your skills and competences will be stimulated and your knowledge will be of great importance. Our activities are unique: we do things that have never been done before. Thanks to the development of innovative technologies, we play a vital role in projects all around the world, with a constant eye for sustainable development.

It is a major challenge to pass on corporate culture, values and knowledge to hundreds of newcomers every year. In this respect DEME offers a variety of training opportunities, ranging from traditional class teaching with interaction of all participants to training by simulation, e-learning and tailor-made solutions for individual employees.

Besides stimulating innovative thinking and team spirit in order to become a strong and motivated group, DEME is determined to provide a healthy and safe working environment for each and all of its employees worldwide

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